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In my dream I was the head

In my dream I was the head of an ancient order of tantric monks. Our order had perfected extremely advanced sexual techniques that allowed us to transcend the physical limitations of time and space. Many of these techniques utilized semenancy - and as a result most of the monks were constantly experimenting with supplements to increase the volume of the semen they were capable of ejaculating. Somehow these supplements were genetically modified by evil oligarchs in such as way as to increase seminal volume several thousand times beyond the maximum sought by semenancy practitioners. As a result many monks were rocketed into earth orbit by the force of their own ejaculations. My dream ended just as I was about to interpret a particularly fascinating semen splatter pattern on the face of one of our young temple prostitutes. It was very frustrating as it seemed like the meaning of everything was about to be revealed just before I woke up. But that's a spurt scrying dream for you....

I was taking care of my younger

I was taking care of my younger sister who does not exist in reality. We were in a high level playground, she leaped off and feel. As soon as she landed her arm broke off. My dream then changed to a bus with only my instructor in it along with two of my classmates discussing about our info graphic homework and it became 3D as we looked at it. I went outside of the bus with a scarf around my shoulders and there was a war going on with bombs and fire everywhere. However, there were no humans present besides the bus. When I finally met my Toronto cousins, they were all wearing their scarf over their head because if you do not wear it properly, people will think you are a prostitute. My dream changed into a mansion with my family and my cousin's extended Filipino family. My Filipino cosmetic manager was there as well for some reason, but we did not communicate at all. Her son fell in love with me very much and tried to protect me from evil that was going to happen. Sadly, at the end, he turned evil and tried to kill me.