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at a grocery store and someone I

at a grocery store and someone I know walks past, it then changes to me being at a psychic apartment, but it was considered my apartment. then the phone rings and on the other line is the boy who had passed me in th grocery store. he says "hey, I'm high off my ass, and you're the hottest bitch ever!" I start freaking up and he hangs up before I can say anything. I tell my father who appears as a bird with his human head, who says negative things about the guy in spanish

I seemed to be a lunatic in

I seemed to be a lunatic in my dream... or psychic? And I was living in a flat with my mum but its different to the one I am going to live in. In this flat was an evil spirit and he managed to lock all the rooms in the flat so I was trapped in the hallway and then I see somebody a child a think because it had a small torso and it was dragging itself across the floor because it had no legs. The evil spirit was locked behind one of the doors and I managed to get to my mum as she was in the bath and I was telling her what I saw but she didn't seem to be interested in what I had to say like I was mad and my mum just responded with "I'll get out the bath and make you something to eat, you'll feel better after that". So next thing I know we are in the kitchen and I had paper in my hand and the evil spirit was writing on the paper he wanted to go to Hell and he was going on about his brother giving me names which I think it was a surname starting with S and it looked lie a German name.

Last night I dreamed that my family

Last night I dreamed that my family and I were at a pizza place, when suddenly two middle aged women with brown hair came up to our table and started verbally attacking me. One woman said that she was a medium and the other said that she was a psychic and that they were sisters. The older sister kept telling me "I know what you've done" and then kept telling my parents "your daughter is an evil sick person who has done and will do terrible things." She said this four or five times until I got annoyed and stood up and said "I dont wan to hear this anymore, your lies are the devils work" and sat back down. They both went to sit at a table across the restaraunt from us but I could still hear them talking about me. I was very angry so I went to their table and told them to stop it. But they kept talking loudly about how I was a horrible person. The older sister would not look in my face when she was talkjng and she kept turning her head from me whenever id try to speak to her. I told them to stop three or four times until finally one lady marched up to my table and put her pizza on the table and said " we cannot eat this anymore since your filthy hands have touched it." I was so angry that I threw at their table but it landed on the floor with a plop. The manager told me to knock it off and leave these nice ladies alone and everyone in the place was glaring at me including my parents. We finished our meal and left the restaurant. I drove 2 hours through a big city until I got home. I looked in my shower and noticed that all the stuff was moved and some bodies brown hair was in clumps all over the walls. I started to rinse it all down the drain when I heard someone talking. I turned around and the two ladies were there and they started screaming at me in another language. The older sister then walked around to the front of me and the other sister then stabbed me in the back. I fell to the floor and died almost instantly. Then suddenly my parents were standing over my body and my dad was confused but my mom was crying softly. I then woke up. This dream happened in a matter of about 30 mins but felt like hours. I'm just so confused as to what this means. I have not found anything that is similar to my dream.

I moved into a house (with the

I moved into a house (with the boys and there sister, my step daughter). The house was a one story house with a basement. I was in my bedroom, in bed, when Ramius and his sister walked in my room. My bed high above the floor in at angle... It was like a loft style bedroom, with a vaulted ceiling about 12ft. and I was at the very top. They telepathically told me something was in the house and they needed me. I go with them, walking the hallway from my room toward the rest of the house... The kids and I could sense movement and heard the ghost but could not see it. I commanded in the name of Christ I for the ghosts to show themselves... The ghost grabbed a white shirt I had (It belonged to my ex Grace) to put on showing its silhouette as it went toward a 100 year old rocking chair I have... (i do own it) She sat in it and appeared. I nor the children were afraid. The woman was veiled from her forehead back in white and pink fine linens around her body, a dress... She gave a sense of royalty. She spoke to me/us of things... she informed me the house was haunted, that there were 3 ghosts. I asked her if there was a psychic among the ghosts that could help me and she said 'no'... There was no one of them like that. My ex husband showed up to bring Marcus and he was the only one who reacted saying Oh Hell No! Marcus seemed ok. I felt sexually aroused suddenly... I excused myself back toward my room. On the way down the hall toward my room I found the basement door to my right. Suddenly another ghost opened the door.It was young man-ghost who was dark skinned like an Aztec but was more Caribbean looking. He was wearing a sports jersey, royal blue and jeans, he was tall and said "what's up" like he hasn't seen me in forever... He walked toward the rocking chair, talking to the kids, the lady in white gone. At the door the third ghost appears, a woman dressed as nun from an earlier christian period, she was short, busty, wearing a mask of a Happy Buddha. No ghost went back down, and the last two spoke to the children only.