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was sitting in a large room, there

was sitting in a large room, there was alot of people in the room which had a white floor, every one was talking and joking around. a old friend approached me and sat a large brown bag down next to me. she said there was 3 gifts in it for me. the first gift i opened i just knew was a switch blade n it was,someone said oh wow nice a switch blade i always wanted a stiletto. i replied i have a stiletto. the second gift was a unique am fm radio, the third idk what it was

I was standing in my bedroom which

I was standing in my bedroom which appeared larger than normal and it had an extra closet covered in orange tapestry. Someone pressed against the back of my neck and the upper most center of my back. It was a firm hold but not painful. I was not in fear. I looked on my bed and picked up my ear buds and put only the right ear plug into my ear. I did not see a radio but listened to some type of radio frequency. The first one I listened to was very faint and Not audible. I then heard the frequency or channel move to another station and it was a clear voice. A mans voice said “ it’s good to see you”. It was a calm and reassuring voice in my opinion. After hearing the voice I repeated out loud” it’ good to see you”. Not understanding why this was the message. What messes the dream up for me is that there was an orgasm as I woke up. Any insight to this dream would be helpful.

In the 90, youngsters can only dream

In the 90, youngsters can only dream of which, zero received them far more handy, as well as within our period it really is complicated to help envision a kid without having them. The exchange will probably give attention to radio-controlled dolls. Originally, means along with machines with remote control become produced pertaining to effect into dangerous or inaccessible position for folks. Later, getting traveled on the daily stage, we were holding transformed straight into enchanting gadget pertaining to adolescents. The a number of manners and also sorts of designs usually puzzles father or mother, although results are fully versed within the features of your doll. Jaka zabawka dla chlopca 10 lat

In the three months, little one could

In the three months, little one could possibly simply aspiration of which, zero receive them much more user-friendly, and also in this point it's not easy to help dream a young child without them. The banter may focus on radio-controlled models. In the beginning, mechanism as well as mechanisms with cool command ended up being formed intended for function with dangerous or maybe inaccessible positions for people. Later, having got walked towards the each day amount, we were holding transformed straight into captivating gadgets intended for youngsters. The variety of categories along with varieties of designs frequently puzzles mother or father, although babies become perfectly versed inside the traits of an gadget. Zadalnie sterowane zabawki

I sat in a car, driving down

I sat in a car, driving down a long rocky road through a forest. We drove up to a large house and walked in. I saw a boy... who looked a lot like Luke, he hugged me. Another girl was right behind him who seemed upset at his actions. We hugged for a while before he let go. A blonde woman walked up to me and greeted me then a man following. The boy from before told me we're going on a hike. We left the house and the woman held up a box filled with large bulbs that were filled with patterns and stars. We were told we needed to leave and everyone disappeared, I walked back alone. In that time what I was wearing had changed into a dress. There was limo and when I entered it I saw the man, the woman and the boy. I sat beside the woman and she looked at me. Asking me if she could fix my hair. I sat looking out the window and soon she told me she was done. I looked to her and a voice came over a small radio. "Your grandfather was in a crash" I sat quietly as they directed the driver to find it. We drove towards the crash and soon were in it ourselves. I ran to the front of an ambulance I was in, now in a hospital gown. The men driving yelled and pulled me back into the bed. I was screaming for Ryan... we got to the hospital and the boy, woman, and man had stood in front of the hospital. I was still screaming for Ryan. That's when I woke up.

I was working in a clinic/doctor's office

I was working in a clinic/doctor's office as a newer employee. I am currently a new employee at a bank, but medicine and care is the last place I'd see myself working. All the staff at the clinic in my dream was the same staff I work with at the bank. I worked very hard this shift, and we were open late so I lost track of time and stayed much longer than I had been scheduled. One of the older staffers, who i recently covered a shift for at the bank, praised me and was very greatful i had stayed, as there was an influx of patients as the night got later. Soon it was packed with patients and more coming in. Although we were overwhelmed, I was told to go home. I packed my things, singing along to the radio to Lean On Me while doing so (a child in the waiting room sang along with me), and left. I hadn't realized there was something wrong until I got outside. It was night time, people were running and hurrying and everyone had packed bags and family scurrying around them. Once outside, I could see I was at my university campus. All the commotion stopped me in my tracks, and I could only think to get home to my family, which I instinctively knew was to the right. I started running amongst the people, as they were exiting the campus I was pushing against them and running back in. Among the people running in every direction, I saw my mother (now deceased), younger than I had ever known her. She was scrambling, and I thought she would be running home, but she ran in the opposite direction. On my campus she ran towards the building that I am in frequently, not towards the clinic or the direction of home. I called out to her but he couldn't hear me, even though she turned to look. I caught a glimpse of my brother trying to reach her too, but he looked like he was running home. And then I woke up.