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I walk from the upper floor, where

I walk from the upper floor, where the higher years mingle, down to the 2 1/2 floor. I look into glass walled study rooms. A girl I am interested in is there. She comes out and greets me with an uncharacteristcally friendly hug. She looks excited and relieved about something. She leads me towards the stairs that lead out of the building to a beautiful sunset over neatly kept lawns. Before we can decend she is urged by someone on her research team that something needs to finalize some details before submitting. She obliges and implores me to go ahead and she will catch up. I kiss the top right corner of her face and she rushes off with her team. I turn back the way I came to the open stairs that are white, unsupported, and look like they were built to replicate orbital paths. The roof makes the building look spherical. I walk downward and see some friends. I greet them without stopping. Something is on my mind. I have some objective, but I don't know what it is. The whole building shakes and the other stairs fall. People disappear without a trace. I notice a man wearing a dark pink or extremely faded red sweater with the hood up. He seems to be bald. He has a brown and round goatee. He is standing on a scaffolding a floor above me and about 10-20 meters ahead of me. He is armed with a rifle he needs two hands to fire. He sees me and lifts the gun against his should and fast walks towards an exit that leads outside of the building. I wake up in an apartment room. The walls begin at my hips. Beneath the wall there is just a railing like on a flimsy deck. I can see the floor below me. It's a hotel lobby. It's dirty and the lights make everything a shade of piss yellow. The door has a lock, and an opaque window that takes up most of the top center. There is a second opaque window that is as tall as the door on the same side as the lock on the door. Someone in the lobby came and asked about me. I lay down and pretend to be asleep since they could see me if I was standing. The man at the desk points to my room. The man asking about me is dressed in all black and is wearing a comically large brimmed hat with a red feather. He pulls a 2 meter long weapon from his suit case and aims it towards where he thinks I am sleeping and fires. It's less than a few inches from my head. The whole pours out light, white debris, and doves mixed in with both. I roll frantically, open my door and run as fast as I can away from the lobby. I exit the back door and see a bowling alley. People are bowling and buying booze. I am a little flabberghasted because just the night before it was a theatre. I remember following a young woman in a purple dress outside. She was crying, her boyfriend commanded her into the car. It was an expensive looking car. Her hair was done up in a nice looking bun. She saw me come to her rescue and she smiled and wiped her tears away and got into the car. Regardless of last night it was currently a bowling alley. The person behind the bar was an old friend. He offered me a beer. I drank a couple sips and thanked him before running out the far door and seeing my world. I was 20 years in the past outside of a thrift store wearing a varsity jacket and remembering when this thrift store used to be a bowling alley when I was a kid.

I was in my apartment building waiting

I was in my apartment building waiting for the elevator three of the four were out of service “Similar to reality”. I was holding my son so I waited for the elevator. The elevator skipped my floor so I got off on a higher floor figuring I’d take the stairs to my suite. As I was descending at a rapid pace out of nowhere I was running down the railing instead of the stairs when I noticed I was on the railing I slowed down as I began to slow down I noticed personal belongings of mine and my wife. I started gathering them then I came across our diaper bag I used it to store our belongings I found on the staircase. Finally I made it to our floor I could see my suite door open as I approached it I noticed it was not my unit. So I approached the elevators to notice I was even in my building anymore. It was like I was in a labyrinth. I got into the elevator and it went down to the ground floor. I got off and I was somewhere else the sun was shining throughout the building everything was made of glass I could see lush green vegetation outside. It was beautiful but weird at the same time. Also every so often my sons diaper he was wearing would disappear and reappear periodically throughout this dream. I noticed a local grocery store attached to my building and remembered asking myself why my wife didn’t shop there then I woke up beside my wife and son both sound asleep.

Riding down black and white grey stairs

Riding down black and white grey stairs with railing in a house with a daycare setting. i get orgasm and i try to be quiet but someone down a dark hallway makes me stop. male friends. a hallway

Riding down black and white grey stairs

Riding down black and white grey stairs with railing in a house with a daycare setting. i get orgasm and i try to be quiet but someone down a dark hallway makes me stop. male friends. a dark hallway

Riding down black and white grey stairs

Riding down black and white grey stairs with railing in a house with a daycare setting. i get orgasm and i try to be quiet but someone down a dark hallway makes me stop. male friends

This dream is from when I was

This dream is from when I was 5 years old. I'm hanging upside down at my elementary school which had 4 rooms oriented like pillars on each corner of a square area for sitting maybe 200 by 200 feet. I am in the middle hanging upside in a area about 4 by 4 feet with metal railing in a square surrounded by Jason,Micheal myers,ghost face all of those horror characters not scared at all of them since I have NEVER even seen these characters or heard of them since I am only 5 years old so no way I should even dream of them. was also randomly eating crackers not sure if I just had them or was given them.

My dream started in the woods behind

My dream started in the woods behind my old house, the house I grew up in. I was walking beside the creek that runs through our property when a little girl came up from behind me. Her features were muddled, except her long blonde hair and hazel eyes. For some reason, I knew I needed to take her hand and walk her to someone or something, so I smiled at her and did so. As we walked, we finally saw figures on top of a small hill, all dressed in white. I immediately knew that this was where I was supposed to take the girl. I didn't recognize any of the people - there were about 6 or 7 of them - except for one: the Pope. The Pope gestured for me to take a seat beside him and I did as the others took the little girl from me. I didn't see where they took her. The Pope and I sat and ate something - I can't remember what we were eating. We didn't speak or even really look at each other. When we were done eating, I turned around and found that I'd been turned back into a child and I was standing on a staircase that led upward. I began walking up the stairs and the scenery began to change. Instead of going up into the air, I was emerging from beneath the ground right next to the front porch of the home I grew up in. I suddenly heard screaming and looked up to find that the sky had turned green. I knew immediately that a tornado was coming and that's what had people screaming. The screaming got closer and then one of my old friends from high school appeared on the porch. He fell over the railing and into the hole I'd emerged from. The stairs were gone, so I didn't know how I was going to get him out. The wind began to pick up and whistle and I knew I needed to find shelter quickly, but I couldn't bring myself to leave my friend. I found part of an arbor that had fallen down and used it to try to get my friend. Just as he grabbed the other end of the arbor, I woke up.

A tornado is coming towards my house.

A tornado is coming towards my house. My whole family plans to hide in the safest room in the house. It takes forever for the tornado to get to my house as I am looking out at the window at it and my family is not scared. Not sure why, but I go outside to do something thinking I have time before the tornado hits, but it hits my house as I am outside. I hold onto the front porch railing as it goes over my house and I end up perfectly fine. It was a big deal I made it through, but my family seems to just be happy and not worried I was outside and just made it through a tornado.

I only remember that my mom,dad, and

I only remember that my mom,dad, and nana had been in my dream. I don't know anything else except I met them individually and I was crying. I then somehow was in a friends truck in the passenger seat,but no one is driving. The car is moving on the road and I do this often in dreams. I only get in the driver's side when I need to use breaks. So I started driving this truck on a three lane area and I really have bad control of driving this truck. The roads were curvy and there was to black and white post on the far end roads. Somehow I lost control enough where I break through the metal railing and I woke up freaked out. I don't know where I went when I broke the railing.

I was in a library I was

I was in a library I was with people who I never met who were my friends we were having fun and we all started climbing a railing to the top but if we fell we'd land in a river far below us and be carried to an unknown destination I went first when I got to the top my teacher told me to go and do it again alone and to watch out for someone in my group and so I went and did it again alone when I got to the top I found what we were looking for so I told my 3 teachers to ask for full names in there interviews which was our code to go so I got one shoe on and true to put on my other when I saw the person I had to avoid coming after me I was going to run but tripped and fell close to the edge I would have been done for if my teacher hadn't thrown them over the edge