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One day I hope women will be

One day I hope women will be able to marry for love instead of alliances, political ties, or as property. I will never see that in my lifetime.” 1696-Mari gives birth to girl in september 1696 EARTHQUAKE – KRK 1696: JUDITA’s story 1696 MARCH – The Last Supper 1696 judita and the convent: 4 women and Giuliana (and female cousin b. 51) go to Zagreb 3x over two months – floor plan of convent; review layout. Cousing started plot in 95 with goal of Judita to meet with Jelena in 97. 1696 APRIL Patrizia kidnapped while 3 months pregnant—where and how 1696 february MARI MARRIES ISTVEN 1696 TRUTHS REVEALED JUDITA 1696 SEPT OCT NOV Patrizia tortured by spiders: May kidnapped (how?) While being held in Ozalj, they heard her screaming from third floor when spider in rooms. Collected spiders from various building to torture her. She sees out of window Mari and Lilli; hears familiar music that Istven played; hears in hallways; servants tell her…. Ransom exchange – how? 1696 NOV – BABY girl BORN nov 2 1697 FEB Patrizia released; baby 3 months old; ransom paid by Nada, older man (who?) Giuliana 70,000 florins/thalers? Patrizia heard and recognized the voice and music of Istvan; had seen Mari and Lili through window in upper rooms; tells of other information and of Igor. Katalin is the source of information; 1698 – 03 – Mari has other lover from Hungary who plays big role in The Hunt 1698 – Istven send a letter and drawing for instruction for a piece of jewelry to merchant house in Zagreb; recognized insignia and brotherhood on alert in person. Details…. 1697, 99, 1700 Plot to get Igor 1696-Zsusanna where? After Patrizia was kidnapped, ……met to discuss where families would go and how to communicate discreetly with one another.