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I am at a meeting with former

I am at a meeting with former employees I worked with (in real life many years ago since quitting my career and staying home to raise my children). I am totally bored and uninterested at the meeting. The higher up position employees are all sitting at the far end of the table from me and I am sitting at the opposite end with people that I am uninterested in. I realize I am not dressed appropriately for a luncheon later on that day so I slip away from the meeting to get changed. I am at a shopping mall and a man leads me into through a door way that is off limits to the shoppers. I am taken through some hallways and into a room where some people are that I have never met. I am intrigued to be in this room that is off limits to the shoppers. The room is filled with the largest collection of teapots in every colour one could imagine. It is amazing. I sit down with these people and the man offers me a tea that looks more like a dessert. He asks me what flavour I think it is. I guess raspberry tea. He tells me it is actually strawberry tea. As I am tasting the tea/dessert I discover my cellphone has fallen into the tea. A message is coming out of my phone stating that the phone has been irreparably damaged by the exposure to liquid. I am not too upset that my phone is ruined as I felt it was time for me to get a more up to date cell phone anyways.