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I had a dream I was home

I had a dream I was home all alone and so I called up my ex boyfriend to come get me out of there and when he got there my parents were home screaming at each other and I just wanted to leave and I was all packed ready to go and my mom went outside to the car and was like my daughter is not going anywhere with you and that's final and then she went back inside and started yelling at my dad some more and saying how it was all his fault that I wanted to leave and so on and then I went out to the car and I was like I know my mom said I couldn't go with you but please just take me away from here and he was like I can't disobey your mom and I was like why the hell not I can't take this anymore and finally I convinced him and we left and I never went home and I lived with him the rest of my life

I was driving and I had my

I was driving and I had my mom and my meemaws with me and them somehow Iappeared with the two inside of my deceased grandmothers house. We were by a hospital like bed in the family room and the light coloring was like a greenish blue instead of the regular lighting. On the hospital bed, was my deceased grandmother's which I thought was lifeless. For some reason in the dream, they were wanting to keep her body there until the funeral service people were to come get her body the next day. My meemaws was beside me freaking out. My mom was grabbing something while I tried calming my Meemaws down. Every time I looked over at the body, something was different. Her one eye was slightly open. Her head kept slightly moving over to where it was facing up and by the time we were ready to go she was standing and looking at us with her made up fave and curly perked hair. Before I woke up she was giving me this crazy evil look...

My boyfriend Edwin and I were together

My boyfriend Edwin and I were together at one of his photo shoots (in real I've he is a photographer), he also works at tmobile and his co worker was the model for the day (he really plans to shoot with her although before I say this I know this has nothing to do with me being fearful in real life about something going on between the two because she no longer works with him and I just know there's nothing going between the two) . So as he began to lens over and show her the picture she just shot she would rub on his arm in a flirtatious way that I didn't like. I then turned to her (as we sitting next to one another on the same couch) and asked her sternly in front of my boyfriend to stop touching him, she replied no with an attitude and I raised my voice and said you better stop touching my boyfriend and then she finally replied ok. I left the photo shoot and somehow quickly ended up back in my bedroom , I immediate,y called him on his cell phone and asked where he was and he told me he left the shoot and was heading home. Itold him I need you to come over to my house because we need to talk, and I began asking interrogating questions such as "are you driving her home, did she get in your car" all in all he told me no and said he would be on his way to me. As I waited I looked outside my bedroom window (which faces the street and nearby college football field) and the street wAs blocked off due to some kind of fair or something. I guess it was around 730 pm because it looked as though it was beginning to get dark but so dark there was still a little sun left in the sky. There were tons of young kids outside playing and one kid then announce "he's got a gun!" I looked out my window some more and noticed a suspicious man in a black hoody walking across the street. He then disappeared but I noticed some cops running into my building as all of that happened my boyfriend told ,e he was downstairs in front of my building so come down, I looked but couldn't notice the car and them he told me he had to park the car around the corner, as I got ready to go meet him downstairs to speak on what happened I woke up!