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it is that I'm at this Halloween

it is that I'm at this Halloween party store setting up Halloween stuff and for some reason I'm always setting up these grim reapers at random places cuz we have a lot of them... Anyways, there's always this mass murderer who comes from the Halloween store I work at and he's ruining Halloween, slaughtering kids trick or treating and I stay in my house watching kids being killed, heads falling off. Until of course, people start running inside. Now this killer is dressed in a costume, and carries around this fake looking knives which apparently aren't fake. Well in the dream, I ALWAYS LEAVE MY HOUSE cuz there's this little kid who has to be about three walking around crying because he can't find his mom so I run out there to get him and he won't let me pick him up and run in the house with him and squirms when I try to move him towards the house and I can't leave him there to die. all of a sudden I see the guy down my block, about eight houses down and I'm crying and screaming at this kid because I'm so scared and I don't want either of us to die and he won't come with me and I don't know what to do, but every time I look back at the murderer he is a house closer and when he gets about ten feet from us I throw the kid over my shoulder and sprint at my house and OF COURSE I trip up my stairs and the murder is walking towards us and I'm dragging this kid by his arm as I limp towards my door and right when I step in the door, the murderer grabs my arm that's pulling the kid and I look at him and then I wake up