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I was in school and a teacher

I was in school and a teacher inside the class said that my parents were there to take me. she threw something at me and I caught it. after that I looked at my friend that comes home with me everyday that im leaving at that she should come with me I also told an old friend of mine too. We got to the admin of my school and it was packed with people which never happens. my friend snuck out without the receptionist seeing because she didn't have permission from her parent to leave and two other friends. When we got into the car my friends were already inside and my other friend with her family. As we drove away from the school two white horses followed us and we all agreed that we felt bad that they were free with nothing to eat and that they would have better chances of survival if they followed us to the farm.

I was in the city I wanted

I was in the city I wanted to work playing the role I always wanted to be, I went into a building, I didn't know yet why was I there, there were people outside, in the inside was a lobby and then in the back there was a penthouse flat, I was there with a friend and She told me to wait and hide because there was security, clueless I did it and we were caught and escorted out as I saw the love of my life walk in, Then I woke up but fell asleep again, I dreamed the same thing but this time I didn't followed my friend, I stood there in the sight and a receptionist approached to me and gave my car I apparently forgot and said welcome home, the flat were was I in was mine and I meet a produced and we talked a lot, then he said I was gonna meet a friend but I'll invite him here, I said okay and when he came I realized it was the love of my life.

I am at a reception party with

I am at a reception party with men who are dressed professionally. Andres sets up a table and covers it with a purple table cloth. There are two Arab students who are with me. Andres is dressed in a nice button up shirt, jeans and black shoes. After setting up the table he and I go upstairs holding hands. We get to his office which is very large, a great view because there were windows in the office. There is a loveseat, a large screen TV, and a DVD box. We sit together. An older man appears, sitting at a desk. He is an older man with white hair. He says my child, with Andres as the father is against his Western values.

I see myself as an adult, of

I see myself as an adult, of about 30 years old. I have an office job and I work in a tall building. I am told that I have to go to a meeting on a higher floor, so I get into an elevator, which is completely white and go to the floor. When I arrive it looks like the roof of the building with no one in sight. Suddenly alarms sound so I go back into the elevator to go back to reception. The elevator speeds up quickly and I can feel it swerve to the sides. It also gets colder and colder until I stop at a floor and the door opens. I see a land covered completely in snow in the middle of a light blizzard. I see a man dressed strangely as if from a different time era with black hair and beard standing on a snow wall. I go up to him and stand next to him then he turns to me "It's a sobering thought," he says "You're dead you know."

I had just found out I was

I had just found out I was pregnant but I was quite far gone than I knew, I started being sick alot and was not keeping anything down. I got rushed in to hospital and I either passed out or they knocked me out. Next I knew I had a scar I was having fluids so I guess I had a baby by c section but when I asked the nurses for the outcome they wouldn't tell me and told me off for wasting there time. They told me to remain sitted. Then I saw my husband being rushed off with an incubation. I got up and ran after them but couldn't catch up. I was starting to bleed from the scar. I found a reception but they said it was closing time so I screamed at them telling I think I have just had a baby and no one will tell me anything. I then found my husband and started screaming telling him he should of told me and where is my baby. He replies they would not let him in. So I ran through the double doors and bleeding again and ready to pass out I falsed myself in to the room to look for my baby however I was shocked to find loads of incubators with five in eac round and no matter how far I went up the aisle I could not reach the end

I was in a mall about to

I was in a mall about to meet up with my friends. I bumped into an old friend and we talked for a while. Then I went to where my friends were but was intimidated by three guards. Eventually I got to my friends were but there was a problem. I left something to the place where I bumped into an old friend. I went back to get what I left. Then, I got lost and I did not know how to get back to my friends. I asked a mall security but he was somehow clueless. All of a sudden, I was riding a bus but was still looking for a way to get back to my friends. As a rode the bus, I saw some great scenery. I saw a hotel with a garden than was just awesome. It was somehow decorated with Egyptian statues. After I left the bus, I came across a different set of friends. I asked them to help me but they were busy and had to watch a play. I went alone to the hotel I saw since I thought it was annexed to the mall I was at. Through the halls of the hotel, I passed. I came across ballet dancers practicing but I did not mind them. I finally found an information booth. I asked the receptionist as to where and how to get to the particular place in the mall where my friends were at. She did not know but her supervisor approached and told me that I had to walk straight down a long hall then turn left. My direction was to form a letter L. She then said that the receptionist could come with me to guide me. Then, I woke up from my dream.