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It was afternoon,my family was gathered to

It was afternoon,my family was gathered to our house,I randomly went to the kitchen and suddenly my phone rang. The guests video called me and sang me happy birthday.I told them my birthday wasn't today .If I remember correctly that "today" was 6th.....I'm sorry I don't remember the month I said.So I told them my birthday was in 2nd May (which is my real birthday) and suddenly while telling them that one of my classmates came with his father and brought me shoes as a present. The guests then told me to say that my birthday was today,I agreed too.I mean they came all the way and bought a present.They were red shoes,didn't have heels,almost like the one's ballerina's use. Though the shoes were very small,big as half of my foot! We put them back in the box and I gave them back while thanking them anyway. So they were leaving and as I was about to return to the kitchen I woke up.

my parents were fighting right in front

my parents were fighting right in front of my brothers and i.my mom was trying to calm my dad down but my dad was still yelling at her. my brothers and i were lined up the way we were born first was my brother jose then my sister michelle and last was me.and then my brother went to use the bathroom my sister went upstairs to get her laptop but i stayed there and all of a sudden poof my parents and i were no longer in our house we were in a foggy white place. my mother and i had angel wings and were wearing a white dress and we had no shoes my dad was wearing a red and black coat he had red shoes on and had red horns on his head and then a hand reached out and grabbed my mom and i and took us to a white gate my father standed there staring at us