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Est rei aeque dum istae res cogit.

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I was with my ex-boyfriend and his

I was with my ex-boyfriend and his daughter at a playground, when he started acting crazy, so I drove away but I still had his daughter's coat, bag and car seat in my car. I worried she would be cold and was annoyed at my ex boyfriend for not being worried. Later I was in a giant school, cafeteria in England where my new boyfriend, one I had never met, was with me telling me how to get away from vampires, we were big chased by vampires and there were other people with us who kept getting killed by the vampires. We finally reached the cafeteria where we were safe but I tried to buy lunch and the lady behind the register kept getting angry at me and people were still being killed by the vampires.

: I was in a hurry as

: I was in a hurry as I knew we urgently had to board d ship as it was leaving d shipping yard. It was huge...mega ship. So I had no option but papa n I had to jump onto it n slid down. I saw my suitcase landed safely n felt relieved. Then we went inside to what looked like a gateway or processing place to get registered. Many people were there. Next thing I knew, the owner of the ship called me n invited me to dinner. I was dressed nicely n made my way to the dining area. D owner it seemed was waiting outside for me. I was surprised by d classy ambiance inside as the ship looked like a war submarine on d outside. I sat down n ate. My glass had lemon juice. Den a small bottle (may b a quarter) of vodka was brought to me n I poured it into my glass all d way full. I think Kyntiew (a friend of Vanessa) was there too...i am not sure. Then I realized that I was being paid special attention to n felt a bit embarrassed. I even felt so strongly even in d dream that I had such favor with d owner.

I was in my high school, which

I was in my high school, which was shown by the outside and surroundings, but inside was similar to Hogwarts in that parts were moving and corridors wouldn't lead where you were expecting them to - this was considered normal - and that my school was turned into a boarding school, but once you left the room there was no entrance back into it. We were woken in the night by a fire alarm, and teachers were forcing us outside to the bus laybys at our school - which are not the normal fire assembly point - while running through the corridors it began to resemble the stairs from the film 'labyrinth' and there were students running on upside down stairs and stuff. when we eventually got outside my English teacher was calling registers then began telling us all off for leaving our wands in our rooms, and about the importance of having then with us at all times. some how we then ended up in the middle of the school field, in our pyjamas surrounded by PE teachers about to play what appeared to be rounders, while the main school building is burning behind us.