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My family and I were all in

My family and I were all in our house, and I went into the kitchen, then I heard fluttering and chirping. I opened one of the cabinets, and I grabbed a medicine bottle. The bottle had a small bird inside. After I took it out, it turned into a cat. Then, finally, a child. The child had black hair, one eye that was a strange color - red and yellow - and the other eye was normal, but I can't remember the color. When I first saw her, I knew that I met her years ago, in the dream, but I forgot what I named her then. The first name that came to me was Nix, or Nyx, I don't know which spelling. I then remembered the name Aurora. Then we all heard noises outside, and we all ran out the back door. We were being attacked. My aunt asked while we were running, "why are we running?" My mother said that we'll see. There was a forest and people in front of us. It was safety, I guess, but before we could go in we had to go by two people, and bow twice. My aunt was allowed in, but I wasn't. They said that the child that I named Aurora was the dark ones love reincarnated, and that I had to leave her outside. I wasn't going to leave her, so I stayed outside in the cold with Aurora.