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It started off where we didn't know

It started off where we didn't know each other. You were a professional surfer and I was on a boat but I fell off and was drowning and you saved me. We started talking and dating and stuff and four months into the relationship I accidentally got pregnant and you were really pissed at first and then you started being super supportive and sweet. Then we were at the beach and I was watching you surf and there were beautiful shells everywhere and something just made me start picking up the shells and I had my back turned to the water so I didn't notice that there was a huge wave behind me and it knocked me down and dragged me into the water. You saw me drowning again but it took a long time for you to get to me. You brought me back to the beach and I was unconscious and someone started doing cpr but they were doing it wrong and they put a lot of pressure on my stomach and later that day I ended up having a miscarriage. That made me so depressed for weeks. I wouldn't get out of bed or eat and you wouldn't talk to me for a long time. After a few months we were talking again and dating, but you saw how depressed I was and you said we should try to have another baby. So we did and after a couple of weeks it worked and you were actually happy about it. We went shopping for it and stuff. Then, while I was watching you at a surf thing, I was hanging out with your friends and this girl you used to date accused me of faking being pregnant (even though at that point it had been like 6 months) because she thought I was just trying to keep you around. I got pissed and said (I remember this part really well for some reason) "you're just mad because he thinks your butt is terrible." She got mad and said that it probably wasn't even your kid, and somehow she convinced you that it wasn't, so she forced me to get a paternity test and then she knocked me out. I woke up in a giant fish tank and some woman found me and told me to leave the country if I knew what was best for me. She had a knife so I did what she said. Even though it was your kid, the girl faked the results and made it look like it wasn't. You dumped me and I ended up throwing myself in the ocean and you found me. I was dead but the baby wasn't and you gave it to my mother. That's all I remember.

it was at my high school where

it was at my high school where I'm going there now. the library was where I ended up in the dream. looking at a monitor see the reflection of my ex. she comes creeping by me and sits down. but as soon as she sits, I assume to remember this girl is not real. so stand up and leave to the exit of the library.. this was a few minutes after I left the library pass on to the important to my dreams. she had this look if I didn't belong there, someone that was informed too much.. I looked at her face and I had this feeling she was wondering why I was leaving for.. but she followed after I left the library. but I was already gone walking about the cafeteria, when about some table to sit down, she comes again. everything is going on. she looking her boyfriend do a trick on his skateboard and she looks so amazed she opens her. but quickly as she's doing that. .her head tilting to tell me something . And soo something's i never i havent heard in years. " i havent forgotten you too. .

It was very windy, people everywhere,

It was very windy, people everywhere, chaos, I keep saying the world has gone mad. Then a Mexican man who I could not see but I knew he was Mexican his name was Ivan said read Revelations 2. Then a voice said remember this. That's all I remember of the dream. I never dream maybe 5 times in my life time do i ever remember. So this was bizarre. The week before i woke up in the middle of the night and saw what i thought was a person at the bottom of my bed. I yelled out who's there, blinked and it was gone.....rolled over and went back to sleep

it was a kid (boy) sitting in

it was a kid (boy) sitting in a grass. it was a women who was selling old books. the kid was with his grandmother, he had a book in front of him and was saying that the book was not original book. he was bored or crying I don't remember this. and then I went to him and I saw the book. it was a book with title Leke Dukagjini. dukagjini are some stric rules in albania to maintain the right of all. then i said to him that it's not important if this book was the original or not, but important is to read this book and learn from it because in this way the other will not violate on foot

I have decided to ask this question

I have decided to ask this question while the dream is still vivid in my mind, i went to sleep at like 6 AM this morning and woke up at 10 AM. Than drifted in and out of sleep. I had a bad dream where there was this Mesquito/wasp that kept flying around, what i think was my right hand and it kept stinging my right hand and flying around it, I ran so that the bug couldn't keep stinging me,but no matter how much i tried to run it kept flying around my hand stinging me,the stinging got so bad that i tried to go to the police,a police motorcycle drove down the street and I waved at him to stop but he didn't he kept on going,i ran down to the end of my street to try to get to a police station for them to stop the stinging,i saw one of my aunt's and one of my uncle's at the end of the street corner, there was a tall field of grass at the end of it, my uncle wanted to lay down in it. I talked to him while he was trying to lay down in it and he said "now you know how i feel" or something i don't remember the full conversation,and than a angel appeared and said "get over it" i think,and he made the bug disappear,but just before it disappeared i could see myself laying down on a table naked, than it injected me with something,and then my eyes turned black(i don't think this happened at the time in the dream that I'm talking about,but i do remember this happening) than it stopped stinging me and i woke up. what did this dream mean? please note that, I don't dream, i just go to sleep,than it turns black for 2 seconds than i wake up and it's morning,could it be a Mesquito stung me while i was asleep? or something else i woke up at 12:16 PM afternoon and didn't go back to sleep. It is now 12:42 PM


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