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at walmart at the tv section, people

at walmart at the tv section, people playing video games, i lost, leave with my uncle in his nice red bmw, says it was only $6500 and wants to sell it, i get mad and magically start driving it, gas pedal is good, breaks were terrible, the pedals were like a sensor panel, turn into a street next to mcdonalds. arrive at an eerie 3 story house, big front and backyard, surrounded by a marsh with tall grass, go upstairs to a porch inside, zombie attack, about 8 zombies, 5 survivors, randomly a bow and arrow appears in my hand, i take too long to shoot, zombie bites my finger, push zombie against the fridge and shoot its face, i look for a weapon and grab a small rolling pin, arms feel slow and sluggish, 3 survivors killed 2 survivors left, one survivor is prince charming from shrek and he was carrying a green book and the other survivor is a random asian lady. we run outside, running feels sluggish, dream starts to feel familiar now, near the corner of the house are a bunch of zombies, start to feel like i remember the dream, i think about the green book and remember how it's about zombies and how today was the day of their resurrection, friend that is a zombie bites me on the shoulder, i get angry and hit him with the rolling pin