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do you know what one of those

do you know what one of those like old-timey robots are? well they're called automatons) creepy automaton children following me and one time I was running away from them and one of them which had a big and deformed stood completey still when I was looking at it but when I turned away and looked back at it, the automaton child was right in front of me and I started attacking and it started attacking me and then all of a sudden, this other automaton child that was missing half of his face revealing what looked the head of the FNaF 2 endoskeleton just without the ears or mandible (lower jaw) and missing the left eye and that was it.

I had a dream when I was

I had a dream when I was younger, that I was in my home country, at my grandmother's house (my mother's mother), and my family and I were sitting on the couches, or on the floor- around the coffee table. My mother had my little sister, who is 4 years younger than me (she was a baby in the dream), in her lap, sitting on the couch. I was sitting on the floor in front of them, when my little sister starting laughing. Her laughter annoyed me so much that I started hitting her head with my hand as hard as I could. Her laughter was stuck on replay, literally, as if she were a robot that'd malfunctioned. No one paid any mind to what I or my sister was doing. I was sobbing and hitting her, when two feral dogs rushed into the living room we were in. I jumped to my feet and to the opposite side of the big dining table that was nearby. I was screaming and crying at the huge dogs, who were barking at me. Nobody had noticed the dogs, or me hiding behind the table; they were all continuing to converse with each other as if nothing was happening. The dogs, they made no move to attack me or go around the table, they just stood there and barked at me. Then, my grandmother burst into the room (as she was in another room) and starting smacking and shoo-ing the dogs away. They whimpered and ran out the living room, proceeding to leave the house. I woke up at this point.

I was in the car with my

I was in the car with my male best friend, turns out we had three kids together and were driving to our tattoo parlor. My husband and I proceeded to go inside. After a few hours, we were in a bathroom washing blood off of us. We talked about how difficult it was with the patient we just saw, afterwords, we left and the guy we just worked on came in. He stood in front of the mirror and admired his new robotic arms and tattoos on his face. He was a nice man, but from the bathroom stall this girl was watching and she saw an ice fairy cast a spell on the man and he turned evil.


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