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I was at my grandmas house in

I was at my grandmas house in the back yard down by the garden i noticed there were okra and some other vegetables left then she appeared at the oposite end of the garden she said" take what you want hun, I couldn't get it all by myself, i got what i wanted out of it." Then we walked up to the house & went inside she showed me bags of potatos that she got from her garden to sell at her sons' in-laws farmers market. She designed the bag & logo for her potatos and the other produce she was selling at her stand then i noticed there was an ironing board out and i had asked her why she said she got it out to use it right before i came over, she was going to iron her clothes she was going to wear at the farmers market, she had a peach colored shirt that she was going to layer with a red blouse thst had gold on the top around the neck of the shirt then she asked if i thought she would look alright then i woke up

I was packing and getting ready for

I was packing and getting ready for a trip to Europe with a childhood friend and her younger sister. The entire time I'm waiting on them to finish ironing so I can iron my close. When they finally finish I start inron when I realize theiron is on plugged and the end of the plug is bent. Then my mom comes in and helps me fix the end of the plug. After i finish ironing I pack the rest of my things and head to the airport where at the gate I realize I left some things I needed. I run back get my things and start running back but it seems like it is taking forever and my legs won't move fast enough. I finally get to the gate and the plane hasn't left yet but the attendants seem very annoyed when taking my bags and when I notice my bag isn't zipped up all the way they won't let me zip it up. when I beg them to let me they said it will be ok and kinda laugh. Then I woke up.