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I saw in our front yard there

I saw in our front yard there are 2 rooster/chicken, then a tiger went inside our yard, it seems to be attacking the chicken, but the truth is it never harmed the chicken (the chicken even checks on the tiger's teeth, seems like it's cleaning them). This chicken by the way has no rope tied on its foot, while the other one(the rooster) has a rope tied into something so it can't escape. The chicken have had a rope tied on it before but it tried to chew on it and it caused the chicken to choke and almost died, so now it's free (no rope tied on it) but chooses to be with the rooster. I also saw my daughter in the dream running towards the tiger, but i didnt let her to, though the tiger seems to cause no harm. Could you interpret what does this possibly mean?

I appear in the undergrowth area, filled

I appear in the undergrowth area, filled with sounds of the birds. I’m struggling with the shrubbery until I reach rusty metal structure that is made of two big circles. In the middle of it there is well-like hole. I come closer and start to pull out something with the string from the bottom of the dark hole. At one moment it seems to look like a live snake, but after I got it out, I see that is the white walking stick. Eventually I walk away, leaving the traces that were left by the walking stick on the ground. Later on, I appear in the abandoned territory, which is full of stones and the piles of sand. I go further until I reach a huge hollow and starts to descend down using the ladders. Once I get into the hollow I start to look for something once in a while. Further, I climb with the other ladders upwards and leave the venue. Then I appear in the old warehouse. There’s no one around, except the roosters that makes repetitive sounds. I see one side of the wall has a hole and I sneak inside. On the ground I see myself sleeping just behind the small tree. The shiny silver walking stick, with the shape of the crawling snake, is lying next to me. The last thing that I remember is narrow street, with all walls painted with accidental words. I start to move towards the end, carrying the white walking stick that I pulled out from the well in the beginning of my dream. Suddenly I start to mark the words with the stick and I feel that after each word the stick is getting smaller until it completely disappears.