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A spirit kept moving the ceiling lights

A spirit kept moving the ceiling lights to let me know they was there at first i was crying as i was frightened but then i became calm her name was rosemary i saw my disabled father excited to be walking around his home looking at his letters. i seem to be the only one knowing he was walking again as the rest of my family came

I was with my work colleagues, but

I was with my work colleagues, but it was after work had finished. The place looked like Newcastle train station, but I knew it wasn't. I crossed a bridge that was slowly closing as I did so. Then I stopped at another bridge and started to make oat biscuits. All the ingredients where around me and the bowl was medium size and white. I was sat between the legs of a guy from work called Matthew, we were talking while I was mixin the ingredients together, I saw there was a segment of lemon in the bowl so I took it out and squeezed in into the bowl, the mixture then became too watery so I added more oats and that point the bowl was too full. Matthew tasted the mixture in the bowl and told me it tasted really good and he could taste the rosemary in it. After a moment we started kissing quite passionately. He heals my head in both hands and said 'I wih I wasn't the only one who's allergic to what I've just ate' I asked him if it was the oats and he nodded, I told him he should never have tried it if he knew he was allergic. He just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't care. We started kissing again, then some colleagues from work walked in and they were all in Halloween costumes. They asked if we were coming to the party, we could see the venue is we looked over the wall on the bridge we were sat on. I told them I couldn't go because I didn't have anything to wear other that my work clothes. The girls from work each gave me something I could wear so I went off to start to get ready.