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I was going to give a homeless

I was going to give a homeless man some change. He was slumped against the wall with a hat on and when I looked at him he appeared to be someone dressed as Michael Jackson. He was staring ahead as if he were dead, which freaked me out so I let out a scream and backed off. There was another one around the corner. I was quite far away now but he jumped to his feet and started running after me. I knew Katie (my housemate) was in the shower so I was screaming like I’ve never screamed before but she never came. I was found the next day at the tip, on top of a pile of rubbish, raped and murdered. Somehow miraculously, I came back to life. I was terrified at this point he would come after me again. I went back to see Katie. She and some others were making parachutes. I asked why she didn’t come when I screamed and she said he wasn’t after her. This meant that the guy was specifically targeting me. We looked it up and realised they were hitmen and someone had paid for them to get me. I was terrified of them coming back and nobody would seem to understand why or offer any sympathy. They did come back but there was a crazy lady that scared them away. My boyfriend asked me why I was so afraid, to which I replied, “I was just raped and murdered by these people!”


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