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a beautiful room, a strange man, only

a beautiful room, a strange man, only we both in the room with light teasing, and there was some water dripping from the ceiling on to the bed and i was teasing him abt it falling on his side of the bed. next was v both sleeping on the floor with me resting my head on his chest, running my fingers on his chest. he was talking some incident that had ruptured his intestine and stomach. also he had never been married and loved me and wanted to marry me, ( i m a widow 50 yrs), his father liked me and told him abt me, his brother married with teenage daughters, who take like me and want to show me around. also they are very rich. v all go to a temple and he is very protective abt me, and all tease how besotted he is with me. THEN I WOKE UP BUT IT SEEMED VERY REAL, I COULD FEEL THE HAIR ON HIS CHEST, BUT FACE I DONT REMEMBER.