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So not to long ago my boyfriend

So not to long ago my boyfriend close friend died it was like maybe a month or 2 ago. So In the dream him and a couple of his family and people that knew him went to just go put things on the grave and when it was his turn to put something on the grave he dropped to his knees & cried his eyes out and I just hold him and rubbed my hands on his head while he cried then a lil bit after he was okay like normal but he was sitting down on a wash machine or dryer and then I walk up to him and we kissed and hugged but he LOOKED me in my eyes and told me he was in love with me all over again

I had a dream my son Alfred

I had a dream my son Alfred who is 9 was choking his brother that is 2and that I tryed and did pick up my baby and only noticed that his eye was not the dame it was deformed

Had a dream a baby elephant was

Had a dream a baby elephant was running towards me and but it's was on my face trying to suffercate me and then it dryer to shite on me

Im in a house and my exboyfriend

Im in a house and my exboyfriend shows up. he is a dangerous person with a cunning deceitful personality that if he wishes can hide very well. i feel i am walking on egg shells around him its just a matter of time before something bad happens. i dont know what he was yelling at me about but he was then physically violent towards me. he was trying to kill me. i dont know how but next thing i know i knocked him out and left him laying on the floor i went to neighbors house for help n called police. the boyfriend came there screaming at the door. the police came we go back to my house the ex is gone he fled in his truck. he left huge crash marks indents and cracks in the wood floor. and much damage through out the house. the police noticed where on two doors that enter the house someone had jimmed or pryed them open in the past and gained access inside. when i try to give police information on him i notice in my office things paperwork had been rifled through. in my mind i have no confidence police would even try to apprehend him even though he has extensive criminal past

I walked a duck too a creek

I walked a duck too a creek where she swim untill she was ready too get out, then she look for me by calling came too me and i carryed her home.

I opened up the washer and saw

I opened up the washer and saw there was a very small load and I said to my husband you’re always doing large extra large loads packed to full and your brother always does very small loads and then when I opened up the dryer it had a very small load of clothes if it but it was full of lint it looked like cobwebs