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I dreamt that I was at a

I dreamt that I was at a lake and I was on the sand lined up with a lot of people. There were government people on the other side who told us we had to swim to the other side. So all of us jumped in the water to swim and then a girl I was with got pulled under water by something. She came back up and we made it to the other side. We were all still in the water when they government officials told us that every year they have to do 10 men and women human sacrifices and those who made it to the wall first were saved. Everyone was mad and he gave us the choose to sacrifice ourselves. I followed another girl who just ran to safety . I stood there and I saw a whirlpoool of where this creature was waiting for people to jump in and my dad was one of the government officials.

Cluster of guys in a cage with

Cluster of guys in a cage with two lions lying down. The male lion was very dangerous and had terrorised the community for very long and no one ever wanted to meet with it face to face. It was on the alert to attack who ever tries to escape. The female lion was humbly lying down without being troubled and I could feel its connecting with me but this was happening on me amongst the group. Suddenly I saw a big vehemous yellow spider crawling and wondered what the male lion will do of the spider. To add chill to my spine it ate the spider and become deadly frightened that if it eats small creature like spider it will never leave us. In a flash, the guys managed to escape at the expense of making me a bait sacrifice to deter the lion to risk losing all its pray by chasing them while this will also pave the only its meal (me) to escape. By the time the lion realises it was too late and chasing them will give me chance to escape. Then the lion chose not to lose all by sticking right at the only cage' s gate. There was no other way I could escape. The lion was very very angry and the last thing in its mind was to devour me. The lion has been terrorising the communit for a very long time and was strongest lion ever lived. The lion came straight to me and had no choice but to fight this lost battle. To my antonishment I fought and killed the lion.

The world was ending and me and

The world was ending and me and my family and friends went into a zoo building to get out of a medior shower and when we stepped in the building was on fire and blood was running down the sides of the building and everyone was screaming and all of a sudden this huge large animal human thing is in the middle of the building yelling at us for how we treat god saying "you take pain meds because you have a headache in the morning while jesus christ suffered for hours" and he said that brining down the walls of the building would be our justified sacrifice for our lord. And alot of people got crushed when he brought down the walls. All of a sudden my grandma was sleeping in another room and he was gunna kill her..and i said i would take her place only if she lived and he was just about ready to snap my neck when he asked do you want to live a long life? And i nodded and he granted me that wish and he was gone.


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