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5 or 6 years ago, I had

5 or 6 years ago, I had this dream where it was the middle of the night. I went down two flights of stair to the basement of my house for no reason. I was halfway down the hallways in the basement when I started to hear thumping sounds. It was quiet at first, but then it gradually got louder and louder. I could feel the sound behind, as if it was breathing on me. So finally I turned around, suddenly my environment was bright, like really really bright. Then, I realize I was on the safari and rhinos were chasing after me. I ran as fast as I could, but it didn’t do anything. The rhinos got to me and stomp all over me.

While in safari shooting friend becomes possessed

While in safari shooting friend becomes possessed and i shoot her but than takes drug becomes stronger and chases me and her and her cheetah catches me and bites chunk out neck while cheetah biting my leg off while whisper in ear than I die while being still aware of what's going on

I was on a safari thing and

I was on a safari thing and saw a bunch of big cats, lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc., and thought they were really cool but then they turned and started trying to attack me.

I was shopping at a clothes store

I was shopping at a clothes store when I was somehow kidnapped by this guy who was a celebrity in the dream. He kept me locked up in this huge creepy place for a long time and I think that he sort of mentally tortured me and raped me. I was then somehow rescued and brought back to my dad but not before I was brought back to the store in which I was kidnapped and asked questions about the kidnapper in an attempt to figure out who it was. My dad and I walked home which in my dream was sort of like a version of my grandmother's house before they added the second floor. Our neighbors were having some kind of a holiday party and my dad got me to join in. They had a son about my age which I remember I liked. He gave me a letter and I don't remember what was written in it but I do remember that his handwriting was a little hard for me to interpret but I managed to get through it, I think it had something to do with a marriage. I also remember our younger siblings playing together. Next we were in some sort of safari and my 8 year old brother was driving a jeep really fast and my little sister and I jumped onto the back of it, the rest of the family was already in it. He nearly crashed a few times but everybody was ok and nothing happened. After that my mom took me and my little sister to buy some new bras and it was really hard to find something good but in the end I picked two that were sort of like a corset (which I would have never chosen in real life) and I went to try them on. The stall I went into wouldn't close and someone opened it once. My mom and my sister came in for some reason and I was trying to get dressed back to normal real fast and then I realized I still had the shop's bra on so I took off my shirt and then this group of tall sexy guys came into the stall and said that they were there to fix the door and that they had to do it from the inside. All I could think about was the kidnapping from earlier and I was really embarrassed. Then they got out of the stall and fixed it from the outside but they were taller than the stall and I was afraid they could see me from above it and that they would look and yet I kept changing to my own bra and then I looked around for my cellphone ans my house keys which I took out of my pockets earlier when I took off my pants after-which I realized that I was trying on bras and didn't need to take them off.