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i was driving down the street and

i was driving down the street and I saw my brother and father outside of my dad's old house doing something in a tool shed. I pulled over and we went in the house which my brother now lived in. the house was being remodeled. Except for a couch in the family room there was nothing in the house in any room it was all under construction. It was covered in sawdust and Sheetrock dust, as was the couch. There was no kitchen there was red and gold colored tile on the floor. My uncle aunt and a couple of my cousins and a guy who i don't know myself and my youngest daughter, who is disabled. my brother was taking us around the house and explaining what work was being done. My father was playing with my daughter, then I remembered that my father had passed away 11 years ago and when i looked back to see him playing with her, she was just laying on the floor alone. Also my uncle who passed away about 5 years ago, he bumped me in the shoulder and made me knock into the wall where I got sheet rock dust all over me.

The deli at the local supermarker started

The deli at the local supermarker started selling live flamingos to keep as pets so I bought one and I rode it to the rain forest where Abe Lincoln told me to go through a trapdoor so I pushed him through and he fell to his death even though he was already dead lol so I jumped through the trapdoor and I went down a rainbow slide and landed in a pool of water that felt like thick air and had no temperature but there were people there who told me that they did not think it wa a very good idea to take a picture of the strawberry ice cream while riding the motor cycle int the pond where the sawdust is open to same-sex marriage but is not open to having drug stores be open on Easter Sunday or 15 days before Flag Day. What does this dream mean?

I was much younger, hanging out with

I was much younger, hanging out with a bunch of girls that were friends. I can't remember who they were or from what time of my life specifically. There was this blond guy that they were all fawning over. I didn't really talk to him. The next thing I know, I'm in a tiny room with him. The only things in the room are a small table and rock. The rock was oblong and had sunglasses it. The sunglasses were made out of that plastic color form removable sticker stuff like we had when we were kids. I pulled off the sunglasses and I love you Carolyn was painted on the rock. I didn't say anything. I walked out of the room. The room opened up into a giant operational lumber mill. A woman was holding a giant push broom. I approached her. It was Katie Holmes. I asked what she was doing there. She said that they let her stay in one of the little rooms if she swept up all of the sawdust.