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I had a dream about I'm studying

I had a dream about I'm studying college somewhere in the college my School friends also there. In that class I'm the silent girl moreover I was sit at first bench in the class. I was late joine however I got one friend who have a handsome, cute , loyal man. He have a lot of girls fan but he only want to friendship with me. One day he proposed me and I'm accept his proposal. One day so many rumours about his I got my some people. He was trying to convince me to said that this is was rumour but I'm not ready to know that it is. We all travel at the bus he was sit behind me. I'm looking him both know well but I'm in anger. At the time we where sit at the bus some people tell me about him that rumours on that time I look at him moreover asking him in my eyes he said no then I talk with him. Then I'm side with him then talk with him on his ears. I'm eating chicken and asking him do you want he said no i don't eat sometimes only I eat that you eat my dear. Then I'm eating food he was sighting me. Then in he drop at our college front gate. At the time girls trying to talk with him but he doesn't mind those people who try to impress him. He is familiar man but only want me. He doesn't mind others who try to impress

I was getting into an argument with

I was getting into an argument with someone from school that had the authority to allow me to progress further. This person was adamant that I WOULD NOT GET THROUGH. My mom got involved and was cursing the woman out. I remembered feeling annoyed by that because I wanted to share my own thoughts and feeling with the woman myself but my mom was not listening to me. So I ran away. Ended up meeting with my ex for comfort. Hugged him. It felt nice to be in his presence but then I decided to leave knowing whatever I got from him wouldn't last. I think he decided to call another girl for comfort after that. The I was still trying to resolve the school issue I had on my own without mom but to no avail. Things got bad. The woman was fighting against me and the police was called. Last thing I remembered. But I felt powerless. Like I was gonna lose the fight against her. I as afraid and wanted to lower myself so I didn't stand up for myself.

I saw my cousin walking up a

I saw my cousin walking up a hill among various kids in uniform, he starts talking to some high schoolers and moves towards a school van that is full of guys( it is similar to one I've seen in my hometown when i was younger). As I leave, i fidget with a ring that was a gift from a friend and it still hurts me at the back. I see two guys in school uniform who were my brothers friends and i don't look at them but definitely saw them. Then suddenly see a couple near a temple like structure. The grooms ring doesn't fit so he tries to fidget with it too and the bride runs towards a jewellery shop and asks for a ring for herself. I am tempted and I also ask for a ring but trip on the doorway. Things probably fell out of my bag. I know the shopkeeper. He smiles and tells me there are no rings only one for the bride. As he picks up things from a box on the floor, I see my gold bangle and say that's mine. But he tells me its from the shop. I tell him of my receipt and call up a college friend (who apparently stays with me) but she has left the house and is going to class with a guy (someone we both hated in college). Then I remember that the gold bangle was bought nearby and the shopkeeper has the receipt too. It is my hometown but different. Then i look at my contacts and think if i should call up my mother

I was in the car with my

I was in the car with my cousins. We pulled up on this elementary school first thing I said was this is the school mia, one of daughters was supposed to go to. For some reason some kid came up to the car and threatening my cousin so I hoppedou to defend her . I began to walk through the school and thewh whole time I was in defense mode I began to blurt out threats and let everyone one know that I wasn't the one to mess with As if I had a point to prove. As I was leaving ou of the school two small little girls began to talk to me at the same time as if they were trying to warn me of something but I couldn hear them and don't remember what they said

I am hanging out with my old

I am hanging out with my old school friends. i have a crush on my ex crush, who is a friend of my olde friends. my crush calls and i answer with my old friend's phone he recognises my voice and then somehow he rejects me by telling his friends that he was not interested in the past too and neither is in the present. while speaking on the phone he's sitting in a room which looks well set up and has gaming facilities also a bean bag. he says he could have used me for fun but didn't so i should stop trying. and then i cry a lot sitting behind him in a bench like in a classroom. then a after some time he turns around and says 'oh stupid, you likes me?" and i keep crying and ignoring him packing up my bag to leave. but i think he w

I'm.at school assembly and sitting way in

I'm.at school assembly and sitting way in the back. Someone said about parents and I refuted it saying research did not support that.. They said ok so find the research. I went to the podium, they gave me a laptop, and I searched and searched but could not find the article. The crowd of students and teachers got restless. I got frustrated and then woke up.

Basically everyone went to this like abandoned

Basically everyone went to this like abandoned town and it was like busy and then I kept seeing this one girl who ik irl playing but she kept getting knocked down and then me and my best friend tried to run past the hoard that knocked her down and i tan so so fast but they knocked me. Then we played the game with the school which is basically where there is one murderer and everyone else has to try and figure out who it is. Then we all got given sticks and whoever’s stick has a dot on it was the murderer and I happened to be the murderer so I got overwhelmed and asked to go to the bathroom and these people were suspicious of me so followed me. I had my hand over the dot on my stick so no one could see but then they got tired and dropped the stick, letting them boys know I was murderer. I decided to try negotiate with them and offer not to kill them from the game if they didn’t say anything. We then went to begin the game at an old 1800 style mansion but I know I wasn’t too overjoyed about playing so I wasn’t playing at my full potential. That’s all I remember