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I am a former preschool teacher and

I am a former preschool teacher and now started my own Direct Sales business which I love. I am constantly having dreams about being late for preschool or not showing up at all and either my kids are left alone or my boss is about to scream at me for not showing up.

People having sex in the class room.i

People having sex in the class room.i was in school.i had a school teacher there but she was not teaching just looking then a secretary in the office at the bank gave a bag of candy itwas easter candy.then i was looking for a class room and couldn't. find it. i also had an orgasm. in my dream.

Dropping and Spilling @ a Party We

Dropping and Spilling @ a Party We are at a party and are all school teachers. We are having a party at the home of a male colleague. It is a very lovely decorated home. We are having drinks; laughing; and talking. Our colleague's wife arrives. We are all introduced to her. She is very short and a little stocky; but a very attractive brunette. She seems to have a rather serious personality. She does not have a drink in her hand but goes about the house putting items in their proper place which to her seem out of place. Several women in the group make comment about her stoic demeanor and lack of friendship. At dinner, I am asked to help and am passing out the handsome china plates. He notices that his wife is in line instead of helping with the serving. He says, "well that is what you get when you marry a lawyer". I drop the plates, but they don't break. I was then asked to take a bowl of gravy, and I spill part of it on the floor. As we are seated and mashed potatoes are being passed, I spill them also. I sit embarrassed. One guess says, "We we won't have to be concerned about seconds, Rudy took care of that". I responded by saying, "You are not going to have to worry about your diets today".

We are what looks like John and

We are what looks like John and my old house. John isn’t there. It’s dark, there is always spiritual activity here. I have grown accustomed to hearing and feeling it, but I don’t enjoy it. I feel threatened here, and often that the spirits are trying to kill me. Katie and I are sleeping together in an unfamiliar kitchen, on a table. Pulses of energy start to transcend from the walls towards the other side of the house. She is scared, so I hold her hand and tell her that I have done this before, that I know what this is, and that I will keep her safe. There is a dishwasher underneath us that keeps shutting off. I have to manually press buttons until it goes again. This feels important to me. Katie asks me often what is happening, and why. She tries to blame the wind. I keep looking up at these slitted windowless cut-throughs at the top of the wall. They appear to be letting air in, but I know that's not why the house underneath us is shaking. We hold on, and I help her get through it. Cut to my Mom’s house. We are talking about the ghosts. I throw eggs on the floor, and so does she. All of them break open, and some of them are spoiled as they hit the floor. She cleans them up, but there is always still residue. I try to help clean it up better. We are sitting at some sort of Pep Assembly. Top Gear (Britain) host starts talking, donating money to an organization. He donates a particular amount, and then does a double take, acting like he is going to give them more. Instead, he jests about giving the second amount to “Jesus Christ.” Nick, my sisters and I all snort at this, I seem to be filming the event. We can hear murmurs of people agreeing, when someone gets my attention. An old school teacher who was religious speaks up and asks if we should have ‘the talk.’ I look down and tell her no. She sits back, and my Mom appears, telling me that she wishes I would let “Jesus Christ” into my life. I coldly disagree with her. Cut to her house. We continue to have the argument, and she claims she wants me closer, and that ‘god’ will make me stay close to her. I disagree, but don’t mention anything about agreeing to stay close. I tell her that John’s mom has a way of making him stay close to her.

I was living with my youth minister,

I was living with my youth minister, Cody and his family, we were going to a church event and his wife, Mary went into labor(she isn't pregnant in real life). the then called my sunday school teacher, Leah to come pick me and their other 3 boys up. Cody went back and forth from the hospital and the event. i won lots of money at the event and wanted to donate it but this guy at my church told my to keep it so i could buy alcohol for a party. an hour later Mary and the new baby showed up.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was in a a chaotic setting where people were going crazy, fires were being set, cars were crashing, and people were dying. I was with someone who I would like to my best friend when I saw my other friend who was seemingly a preschool teacher with a bunch of terrified toddlers who were screaming and crying. My friend who was a preschool teacher broke down crying because she couldn't control the children and was scared herself. Then the guy I'm interested in came in and began helping her get the children under control. I also began to help calm the children down. My friend who I wish to be closer with tried to calm my other friend down. Then I woke up.