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A ship, the colors and patterns of

A ship, the colors and patterns of my room floats in on the shore, the people are docking it. Later theres a girl arguing with someone upset they're not going to make it to New Orleans. I escape and with me are two other people, one of them I sense is a friend, the other my rescue. We go out on a balcony overlooking the water under the moonlight, there are two water serpents or dragons, we both slither our tongues at each other. The friend is making comedic commentary, though I can't place who they are, as if there is a veil around my eyes. We go inside, he follows me frantically taking me up into his arms. It is only now that I noticed I'm wearing a backless velvet dress, like one I've thrifted before. He said he likes it, asking me if my mother made it. I look deeply into his eyes... We are dancing very close I can feel him, our hips and groin rubbing together. We're getting married he said, but I plea that I am already married, as my eyes dart towards the door.

Hen the sky opened i saw pictures

Hen the sky opened i saw pictures falling from sky.. Different faces of people and the last piece of photo was ur photo sis. It falls straight in front on me.. Then a man wearing white clothes like robe, his face is a bit blurry pick ur photo and from the time he pick ur pic i felt so worried and sad.. Then He didnt say a word, he gave me ur photo.. Then he point his finger in front of us, i saw two doors, one door on the left was a door of serpents, full of rust, vines and thornes. The serpent looked on me. But the man on a white robe pointed the right door, a door full of jewels, diamonds, stones of every color, it was so bright and shiny and peaceful. He told me Go, and He handed me ur photo..and i ask him wat will i do.. He smiled and pointed the right door And said nothing..