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it's hard to blame them because If

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What a dream I had…. Shane is

What a dream I had…. Shane is a sixteen-year-old boy who lives in Pasadena California. He is the only child of Russ and Sheila Boatwright, a very successful couple. His father was a great athlete and was named “Mr. Football” of Orange County California in high school. He is a self-made millionaire who owns a chain of furniture stores. Russ is a workaholic and he and Shane hardly ever talk to one another. Shane’s opinion of his mother is that “she thinks she’s some kind of royalty or something, because dad’s so rich. All she cares about is her high-society fundraisers and her tennis lessons”. Currently his mom and dad are having marital problems, and he thinks his father may have a girlfriend. Although they buy him anything he wants, both parents seem too involved with their own problems to pay much attention to Shane. Shane is relatively popular at school and plays on the school football team. However, he doesn’t have very many close friends and he says he just feels “weird” and like he “doesn’t fit in”. Shane has one very close friend named Ben. Ben has recently found a girlfriend and has been spending less time with Shane. Shane secretly resents Ben’s girlfriend for breaking up their relationship, but has not confronted Ben because he’s a little confused about his feelings. Shane does not have a girlfriend. This is the dream that Shane told his therapist. I walk downstairs to my living room towards the Christmas tree. All of the presents were gone and I was totally confused. The presents were all outside all ripped apart and messed up. Then I started crying because everything was gone and my dad was saying it was my fault for putting the presents near a power bar, or something which got hot. Some people came in and helped save us by throwing the presents outside. I am still crying because I was getting blamed. Then we found some of the presents in the cupboard. Then the scene changes and I'm sitting in class at school, which suddenly changes to sitting in the auditorium. I was singing in this funny high pitched voice, and this girl came up to me and said she liked me and I said she was nice. Suddenly she started taking off her pants and I was like…um you better look behind you, because the vice principal was behind her. The VP pulls her and points to me and says come with me. Then I found out I'm suspended for so long and I have detention. I just start crying because I've never been suspended and this is going to make me look bad with my reputation etc. So I'm just crying then I'm sitting in class and the VP tells me to follow her through the cafeteria. So we're walking through the cafe and some kid spilled juice all over, so she had to deal with that student first. Then as I'm standing there I see an old lady who slipped and fell on the ground, I help her up and realized this lady looks sort of like my grandma who just died. Then I called the old lady the name that I called my grandma that no one else did. And she said something like "I used to have a grandson or granddaughter who called me that". But I didn't really hear that part well. Then I told her my grandma had just died and I started crying and crying. Then I woke up completely confused.

I had a dream last night that

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend was shot on the side and when I wanted to get him help his family said no because this happened before and just to let him die. After a few hours I went to a house where people were my boyfriend was laying on the couch dying and I introduced my self to his family when I did they gave me a dirty look and said see shane keeps playing these girls. Then next thing you know my boyfriend started talking to me and asked me if I was still going to go to school , I then ran outside dialed 911 because I wanted to save his life.