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I walk towards the entrance of a

I walk towards the entrance of a forest. It has a raised mud wall (waist-high) on either side leading up into the forest, like a pathway, and looks as though a gate should be there. Sitting right at the 'entrance' is an old, dishevelled and unshaven man behind a large desk. I approach and greet him, then drift past him, walking along the mud walls, when I see two corpses and two dead dogs lying along it. The men are in a late stage of decomposing. The dogs are lying on their backs with their legs thrown up in the air as though they have been electrocuted. Immediately, I suspect the 'gatekeeper' of their murder. I turn and ask him whether he killed them, both men and dogs, and he says that no, this is how he found them upon arriving there at dawn. I tell him that we can't leave them here this way as it's too disturbing a sight and suggest we put them away. We wrap each corpse in black bin-liners and I help him carry the dogs to some shrubs, but I tell him I feel too disgusted to carry the men, as they are humans

I was dreaming last night that I

I was dreaming last night that I had a excess amount of skin on two of my toes, right foot. Someone was telling me to use an instrument that they had to remove the excess amount. I started to use it and shaved a lot of the skin that when I finished, this person was telling me the areas needed to be cauterized. Someone proceeded to cauterize the areas and I had no feeling.

There were to guys with no shirt.

There were to guys with no shirt. They both had big round bellies except one had a smooth belly and one had a hairy belly. The smooth bellied man told the man with the hariy belly to shave his belly. So he did. Then the man with the already shaven belly started rubbing his friends newly shaven belly.