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I was at my former residence and

I was at my former residence and there was a big crowd of people on the front lawn and I was part of the crowd. I looked over my right shoulder and I saw my son on his knees and his face was bloody around the area around his nose and mouth. There was a guy who was standing in front of him, punching him in the face and he was about to hit him one more time, when I ran over carrying a pair of pruning shears. I put them up to the man's face and I said, if you hit him again, I will kill you and he said, you'll kill me and I said, yes, I will kill you. He looked like my former neighbor only he had short cropped black hair and his face was rounder. He backed away from my son and went into the house, he looked like he was going to scream. When I turned to look at my son, the blood from his face was gone, but he looked defeated and he was crying, I felt helpless.

I thought I woke up and my

I thought I woke up and my deceased grandmother was sitting at the edge of the bed with my old cat. My father came in and said "don't worry I know she's not real" and left the room. My grandmother was playing with my cat and while the cat was in her lap on its back, she grabbed a pair of shears off my desk and broke the cats jaw off with it. Then she became a demonic shadow and I kept running from her.

First on a ride that flies but

First on a ride that flies but there was no safety rail and i am holding on like mad. I fly off and a weird man approaches and tells me i have to swim across the water to the other dock. As i dive in i see a man fishing for dolphins. One swims really fast to the surface so i race to the dock and climb out. He sends me and my family through a door and down a corridor. As we walk i notice a goat is staring behind us and whenever i try to look it hides. We reach the end of the corridor and go through the only unlocked door. My dad is staring at the wall and as i turn around from him i notice a figure dressed in a trench coat, wearing a gas mask walking towards us. As is gets closer it throws a pair of scissors at me and attacks my dad with garden shears. I pick the scissors up and throw them back but nothing happened. My dad still trying to fight the figure off i pick a shovel up and swing the sharp edge at the figures head several times. My brother screams from the previous corridor, i poke my head out the door and see there is another figure attacking him. I knew my best chances were to get dad help so he could help save my brother. After several more hits the figure stops attacking my father and walks towards me. My dad falls to the ground gasping for air, i am battling this thing. Eventually i kill it and run to the corridor to find my brother has gone and so has the second figure.

I dreamed I was in a mansion

I dreamed I was in a mansion with other people, though I don't remember knowing who they were. It was a nice and gothic mansion, though someone walked into a bedroom I was in and told me he was going to cut my head off. I acted as if this was normal and laid on the bed. He took sheep shears out, and before he did it I asked him if it would hurt. He said no, so I let him cut my head off. He did it incredibly slowly, but I felt no pain. I just thought how interesting it was that I still had cognitive thought - I wondered when my brain and spinal cord would finally disconnect. And when they did, my thoughts still fluttered for a bit; I think I died with my eyes open. Then I became a ghost, and I helped the other people in the mansion pass as the man cut their heads off. Everything was done like a ritual. I remember trying to hide a child in the end. I guess I felt she should be spared.