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I dreamt of a lion who was

I dreamt of a lion who was owned by my father in-law, in which he was let out to run/maybe hunt. We were in Africa. My labrador dog was there, playing with the lion at first but then I think the lion was looking for prey. A sheep jumped out from behind a bush and my dog jumped up on the sheep but only to play. The lion then attached and killed the sheep. I grabbed my dog away, then my dog was rolling around with another sheep (she hadn’t harmed the sheep) but my dog was traumatized, I assume after seeing the sheep being killed by the lion. I picked her up in a blanket, I think she was covered in blood. I told my father in law that I would be staying away from the lion that night with my dog. My thoughts were of giving my dog a bath. Then I woke up. Strange dream! Thanks:-)

You decide you're going to throw a

You decide you're going to throw a little party at your house like a BBQ and you invite all your friends and some coworkers. Its a big get together between your friends and lizs. Anyways, its a good party and everyone is having fun. As the afternoon goes on however I start to come to the conclusion im the black sheep and the butt of all your friends jokes, im talking immediate friends not coworkers, so I play along and play nice tell one of them calls me an Ignoramus because of my opinion on the laws involving merry-Jane. So a few of these people start coming after me and the conversation seems to turn hostile. Well I turn for support from you and you have completely sided with these folks and have all agreed im just an idiot who knows nothing and is obviously half way retarded. Well im pretty peeved but then it gets really personal because in my dream you state "well guys dont be to harsh, he is not as educated as us after all and what he is getting his degree in is basically a glorified P.E teacher". I was so so pissed in my dream I told you to suck a dick and when I was leaving everyone was like yeah you're right Rochelle and he is so dumb he can only react with aggression because he has no other emotions he can understand.


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