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The first part of my dream went

The first part of my dream went like this. I was a sheriff's deputy driving on a dirt road when suddenly I stopped at a train yard, just outside the main entrance of it which was closed off by a wire gate. To my right were three sandstone pillars with small squares set into them. When I looked at them four chuckles appeared inside the circles as if some invisible hand was drawing them. Out of nowhere a car I recognized but couldn't remember where it was from blasted through the gate and hit a red train car from the side. I don't know why but I got this extremely hostile feeling and I drove up and rammed the other car from behind, trapping the driver there. A few moments of us playing reverse tug of war and suddenly the train car tips over and completely crushes the other car, a pool of blood appearing beneath the driver side. There was a small window near the top of the train car where many people's hands were trying to reach out. Their hands were gray and dirty in color. The very next thing I remember was now I was a German Shepherd with an injured front leg. The only reason I know that is because as the German Shepard half of my experience was in third person and the other half was first person. My experience as a cop was all first person. Anyway, three really dirty, gray skinned men show up. Im still in the train yard, just inside of some sort of two story warehouse. The outside was made out of some rusting sheet metal while the inside rooms and floors were made out of what looked like fresh plywood. The three men are pushing and shoving their way up some stairs frantically, and I follow them with my injured leg. They mention something about staying in the light or "they'll" get you, so I decided to take that advice to heart even though they weren't even talking to me. There were small lit candles just up the stairs that surprisingly illuminated about a meter's worth of space very brightly. The three men disappeared or simply went out of sight while I went towards the candles. By now I'm in one corner of the warehouse. To my right I'm looking inwards towards an empty room with a candle that's illuminating it entirely and I suddenly feel freezing cold. I bolt into that room as fast as I can and huddle into a corner. Just as I turn back around I see a long, scrawny hand and arm laying just outside my room, followed by a huge, dense cloud of fog. I'm in a third person view right now, and can see hundreds of similar hands, each with long needle like claws protruding from the finger tips. I start panicking and then I wake up.

I dreamed that I was in a

I dreamed that I was in a rush to get somewhere in the early morning, so it was kind of dark out and was driving down the road that I grew up on. On the sharp turn there was a car parked on the left hand side of the road, with its lights on, that shined in my face. I slowed down but not slow enought, I hit three of the german shepherd puppies, killing them. The first time I dreamed this, I missed the pups.

Getting ready for a mini gathering with

Getting ready for a mini gathering with Pepper, Hanna, Linda Overslept? Supposed to meet them at 11:00am but woke up at 11:07am Went to Giant to shop for brunch items Run into Hanna and Linda I've prepared chicken and waffles I want to get something else. Linda suggests I get blueberries too I drive over to the park and it's now a Starbucks employees gathering. On a pier of some sort. Looking over a beautiful lake. With a ropes course and mini islands. I get worried because I don't know how to swim. I'm with Von and Frankee? Von is so cool. She's dressed in blue button up and khakis. Everyone is. I'm wearing chambray top and black pants. Will that be ok? Von wants to swim and do a ropes course. Gets really excited. But then mentions she's on her period and can't. I'm next to a Hispanic guy. Then BlackCindy from the tv show, "Orang is the New Black" appears with a huge duffel bag. I hold the bag for her. She sits next to me on wooden bench. She's so funny. Then next to me is... white guy, so familiar. Dax Shepherd. We start talking. I mention how I haven't had sex since I got married. I tell him not to get married. We talk about the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother." He starts flirting with me. Selena Gomez comes in. Crying. Everyone rushes over to her. I give her a tissue but she throws it away and gives me a dirty look. I don't take it personally.

What does it mean when i have

What does it mean when i have a dream about a german shepherd police dog sniffing me out of nowhere i happened to b wrong place wrong time

I woke up in the middle of

I woke up in the middle of the street just outside my house, I was wearing the clothes I had on before I went to bed and I was stuck in a chair out in the middle of the night with my right leg raised on some sort of pole. I called out for help as my leg was a bit painful and my foot had some visible blisters and after the first call someone came and helped me into the neighbors house across the street, so the person ran ahead to prepare a room. As I went inside I came to a corridor unlike anything I have seen as I have been in the house and there was a staircase up to somewhere but I was guided by a german shepherd into a small room where this person was waiting. The person had a female voice, never saw who this person was but this person cut open the leg of my pants and I saw two open wounds with 3 maggots in them. As I saw this I could see them crawling downwards to try and reach my foot and as she closed one of the wounds the other was left open and a bit later one of the maggots decided to jump out and crawl away. It was a small moment of pain when that happened and soon as that was over I woke up.

Angry and at times screaming and wagging

Angry and at times screaming and wagging his finger, the Egyptian leader also invited the nation's political forces for talks to resolve the nation's crisis, saying "a dialogue between the sons of the nation is indispensable and is the only way to shepherd Egypt to security and stability." Air Max Command Scarpe

I dreamed that I was standing in

I dreamed that I was standing in line waiting to order my food. A white man is at the register ready to take my order. My husband is with me. I am looking at the pies through a glass window. I ask the man what kind of our it was he said shepherds pie but it looked like corn beef hash. I get my good snd we take a seat to eat out good. We ate enjoying each other. As we are getting ready to leave my husband makes himself a rasberry slushy. It was the color ref and purple mixed together. We go to a store to go shopping. I start looking at sheer cover ups to go over my bathing site. It was black and animal print but gold. The bathing site was white and navy blue it was a halter. A little boy comes up to me in the store and he wants to run and play. We are on a crowded ale with allot of people. They are moving slow but we work our way through. We ended up on the game ale and the little boy picks up a little golen yellow bus that is a game that lights up and comes apart you also have some kind of chips that go inside it. We take the display back to get one on the box. We are o. Our way to check out and we see that they have arrested a woman for stilling.

Sat on a coach at a bus

Sat on a coach at a bus stop. See a German Shepherd dog with a tiny puppy in its mouth. The dog then eats the puppy. I then begin to get very sick and start vomiting puppy bones while I'm still on the coach.