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A lady by the name marisol shows

A lady by the name marisol shows up at my door thinking im a sheriff but im not my husband is and hes not home she mentioned taking care of her mothers warrant but i already remember her from school took classes with her and i invite her in to my house grab a pn and notebook when my family shows up and i put them in a separate room for privacy

The first part of my dream went

The first part of my dream went like this. I was a sheriff's deputy driving on a dirt road when suddenly I stopped at a train yard, just outside the main entrance of it which was closed off by a wire gate. To my right were three sandstone pillars with small squares set into them. When I looked at them four chuckles appeared inside the circles as if some invisible hand was drawing them. Out of nowhere a car I recognized but couldn't remember where it was from blasted through the gate and hit a red train car from the side. I don't know why but I got this extremely hostile feeling and I drove up and rammed the other car from behind, trapping the driver there. A few moments of us playing reverse tug of war and suddenly the train car tips over and completely crushes the other car, a pool of blood appearing beneath the driver side. There was a small window near the top of the train car where many people's hands were trying to reach out. Their hands were gray and dirty in color. The very next thing I remember was now I was a German Shepherd with an injured front leg. The only reason I know that is because as the German Shepard half of my experience was in third person and the other half was first person. My experience as a cop was all first person. Anyway, three really dirty, gray skinned men show up. Im still in the train yard, just inside of some sort of two story warehouse. The outside was made out of some rusting sheet metal while the inside rooms and floors were made out of what looked like fresh plywood. The three men are pushing and shoving their way up some stairs frantically, and I follow them with my injured leg. They mention something about staying in the light or "they'll" get you, so I decided to take that advice to heart even though they weren't even talking to me. There were small lit candles just up the stairs that surprisingly illuminated about a meter's worth of space very brightly. The three men disappeared or simply went out of sight while I went towards the candles. By now I'm in one corner of the warehouse. To my right I'm looking inwards towards an empty room with a candle that's illuminating it entirely and I suddenly feel freezing cold. I bolt into that room as fast as I can and huddle into a corner. Just as I turn back around I see a long, scrawny hand and arm laying just outside my room, followed by a huge, dense cloud of fog. I'm in a third person view right now, and can see hundreds of similar hands, each with long needle like claws protruding from the finger tips. I start panicking and then I wake up.

The old Sheriff was appointing 3 men

The old Sheriff was appointing 3 men to positions, I told him he couldn't do that, he said he was going to. They left and I told the Undersheriff what had happened. He gave me a $76,000.00 check and told me to get on a plane and leave because they were going to try to kill me. I got on a plane and flew somewhere. I ended up in a house and saw feet behind a doorway. I thought it was a killer and a woman I didn't know said it was and she had taken care of them. She said we had to leave. I was in a car driving with my husband and he said I had to be careful or they would kill me.

Me and my coworker were working and

Me and my coworker were working and a male coworker picked me up to take me get food. Well he ends up taking me to a house by a school. When we walked in the coworker that should have been at work was there along with another male coworker. We started to hang out and the coworker started to kiss me then pulled me into another room and asked me to give him a blowjob which I did. While that was going on our boss the sheriff shows up along with the chief deputy and I try to hide and then sneak out the house with my coworker following me one of our officers then sends2 k-9s after us as we are running to my coworkers police unit."

Leaving highway with police car.looking at calling

Leaving highway with police car.looking at calling station.being a sheriffs deputy and getting told to go to explore a wooden house with a candle on top. two persons are inside coming from a dark room who start to become hostile while holding a gun.

I was hiding from the sheriff and

I was hiding from the sheriff and decided to run away. After feeling scared I laid down on stairs in the open and a rabbit came up to me. I hugged the brown rabbit and carried it over the stairs. It struggles a little but quickly calms down but it's heart beats fast.

I had parked in an open area

I had parked in an open area in the woods next to some cliffs. It was peaceful and I was able to enjoy the quiet. Apparently I'd walked from there to class and was returning when I noticed a police car. {sheriff's car} I followed the trail back from the parking area to a cave. Inside was an officer and the cave went much farther back than I had realized when I was in it the first time. Back in the back section was a "bench" of stone and there was an old naked man laying on it. At first I thought he was dead, but then he responded. Knowing I worked on an ambulance, I offered to help the officer. We got the man up.. {several other officers had arrived by this time}, got him walking out of the cave. His daughter was there to meet him. I wasn't really afraid, but I did stop to think about the fact that I thought I had been at the back of the cave when it evidently went much further on. My family showed up just there at the end because they were concerned when I hadn't come home from class.