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I found out that my partner has

I found out that my partner has a 3 year old daughter so he has been unfaithful during our relationship. I was then told that he also has another daughter. At first he denied it but then made light if it.

I have deep feelings for a certain

I have deep feelings for a certain man. We're not in a relationship. Yest, I know that he does things, like check if I'm online. Posts things that I like. I dreamt that he visited me. Showed that he wanted to be with me alone. Got along so well. Then woke.

I can't explain it very well but

I can't explain it very well but I'm shaking because of it. the dream is not important but the symphony that was sung in it, I don't remember how it went but it is haunting me, it was tragic, evil and didn't want me dead but wanted me to go insane. it was sung by over 1000 men in a dark room. I have never been afraid of dreams; I would always fight them. this one though, this one was different. if I explain the dream, I hope this can help Aswell. i was a spy for a federation (the name was hard to remember but hard to forget, python empire.) it was a logo of a snake with its head facing forward and down. it was worshiped like a god. I was assigned to land in one of their docking bays, this is where I heard the symphony

I dreamt that an old lover I

I dreamt that an old lover I know that I am trying to have a relationship with , i saw her in my dream we both was trying to have sex , which I beg her for , she accepted and we were trying to have sex then I saw my door was open , then I stand up to close the door and came back to her we take our clothes of and we were about to have sex when we where disrupted by someone , then i saw my old lover sweeping the place i live in , she also sweep my brother room and I thank her for it ,