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The dream began with me waking up

The dream began with me waking up to a text message on my phone, I wake up and scroll through the notification centre to see a text message from my instructor Ms. Maryam (Interior Design instructor at the time of the dream). The text message said, “I need to see you in my office today”. I jumped out of fear thinking why would she want to meet me after the final exam is over. To understand why she wanted to see me I open banner to check my final grades and surprisingly the final grade was not uploaded, which made me feel more anxious. I wake up and get ready immediately wondering why she wanted to meet me. I wear a blue abaya and a white scarf, and leave for the bus. I remember falling asleep as soon as I go in the bus. I wake up when we reach the university and I feel my heart beating fast. As I get down the bus and as I get closer to her office, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I reach near her office and see her office is open, I pray to Allah to make things easy for me, and take a minute to calm myself and knocked her door. I see Ms. Maryam looking at me in a weird way, she looked different than what she usually looks like, she had the same face but she looked shorter, and long arms. She had a pink coat with flower patterns and was wearing blue jeans. She tells me to take a seat, I felt shivers going through my spine. She asks me if I checked banner for the final grade, and I tell her I did and the grade was not uploaded yet. She looked sad and says, “it is because you didn’t get a good grade”. You received an F. She goes on to tell me about her having so much of high expectations on me and it is just not my failure, it is hers too as an instructor. I began tearing up and wake up from my dream.

I was in my grandmoms neighborhood and

I was in my grandmoms neighborhood and I was with a group of kids who were my age. One looked exactly like a kid from my Bustop before I met him, one was very tall, one was shorter than the rest of us but not tiny, and there was a blond girl. We all left one by one until it was me and the tall kid. We had to lug a heavy washing machine to his house. He had a really low front porch and he ducked under it to get through. I hit my head on the top. His mom came out through the door (which was glass) and asked me to come in. Then I woke up.

I dreamed I was in another woman's

I dreamed I was in another woman's body in another state then she passed out and I was walking in the hotel from a much shorter vantage point. I got off the elevator and a guy bumped into me and I said stuff to him but he was looking like he didn't hear or see me. Then I was in the lobby area and looking at silver knives and jewelry then I looked up and noticed a lot of people walking outside and it was nighttime then I looked back at the pretty stuff for sale when I noticed a very tall being looking at me from the booth it was at and got the feeling it wanted me to go over there so I did. I went to where it was and can't say if it was a boy or girl but was ten feet tall slender with big dark eyes and was wearing a purple/blue cloak and pointed with its long fingers up at this tiny universe and the planet was crystalline and beautiful and I said, wow it's so beautiful and suddenly awoke

In a run from a war ,

In a run from a war , then get held by the war people they want us to sleep me alone I could not sleep then they wanted to inject me in my left side of the neck but I escape then with all the crew but on the run I ask to hide to this house where the young woman hided me in a room where the curtains are lace and white but shorter than the windows, and 1 of the guys found me but him also was on the run then said no I won't hide with you because you are the 1 they want. Then he left . Now the old lady came who is the neighboure and look at me with ugly eyes but not talking. When I look at her I know her but I don't know from where.

It was a world war and where

It was a world war and where we were held to sleep and be quiet, but then I couldn't sleep then the commander orders his worker to inject me in my neck but I manage to escape, while we were all running I saw a house with a woman and her friend I ask to hide. She put me in this house where the curtains where all lace curtains and shorter from the windows and every1 could see me, and 1 of the boys saw me then came in and say oh you are hiding here I won't tell any1 but then I was scared I went out ran again trying to hide

I was angry in my dreams at

I was angry in my dreams at my father who turned out to be my aunt husband, I stood up shouting on a table . We ended up flinging things at each other , he began to have a stroke and then all of a sudden I had to go to jail and so I was packing my clothes in a rush , and my aunt drop me off at a car dealership so I could take a truck to jail n the truck wouldnt start so that lady said we have to go in a van , I ended up in the van at night with the lady n two other girls n the lady gave up these mini Ice creams that expired years ago like 1955 it tasted horrible. I arrived at jail late n the guard told me that I wasn't allowed to leave again n I began to get frustrated n sad because it was my first time being There. Then I ended up in a place where I believe my family were all seated including my dad n he held my had and all I really remember him saying is you wanna eat green beans for the rest of ur life n I'm crying shaking my head n my other aunt telling me I tried to get ur night /time in there shorter n I walked away crying n I was crying when I woke up

It started with me at my dad's

It started with me at my dad's house, and me playing an app. The app started when I clicked a circle in the middle, then in real life, these, termite-beetle things came out. The tried to attack me, but didn't. I then told my mom I'll go in my room, so I went in my room, and the termite-beetle things followed me, and grew bigger, and red. They attacked me, and it hurt me. I then ran into the living room, and ran out the door to my grandma's. The run seemed EXTREMELY shorter than ITT always does. The beetle-termite still followed me, until I got to grandma's. Then the beetle-termite thing talked to grandma into thinking we were friends, and beloved it. I then told the thing "If we're going to do this, do it in the back yard." it nodded and we went into the back yard. Once we were in the back yard, it jumped on me. I then thought I heard grandma, so I pushed it off. Grandma then came in the back yard, talking to the thing. After that, it grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front yard, and in the end, we became friends, I think.


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