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So Idk if I was driving a

So Idk if I was driving a police car or not but I was driving on the passenger side or shotgun. So I was at this house and for some reason, I was looking at some scarecrows. But then I think Selena Gomez, yes I know a celebrity was there. Burning down the house and we had to get all the animals out of there. Mostly chickens. I had this dream before and Some house I knew how t stop the house from burning down. So then once all the animals were safe and sound we went to our car but it was gone. And for some reason, we knew that the celebrity had taken it. So we were searching a car and well the only car that was there was the police car and my Dad for some reason he doesn't live with us anymore. and somehow my sister and brother appear out of nowhere. Took the car and we drove to these stores in which I can not remember. And so the police owner of the car and found us through his GPA and my dad was trying to talk to him but couldn't so I snatched it from him and talked to the police guy. and that's about it

Had a dream i opened a shotgun

Had a dream i opened a shotgun shell and a piece of shrapnel stuck in my girlfriends eye and she bled everywhere

I carry a stockpile of guns in

I carry a stockpile of guns in my house and in my dream, My stockpile was outside in my father's van. Meanwhile there is a zombie apocalypse going on. So we only had 2 shotguns and a pistol. My brother, my friend and I went outside through the back and I jokingly said to my friend watch your back and he pointed his shotgun in my direction fired and killed a zombie and he said watch your back. Then I woke up sweatin

My husband and I bought an old

My husband and I bought an old house at a marina and we were cleaning it out to start remodeling. That night I let my dogs out in our backyard and one of them wouldn't come back. She was just beyond the edge of the yard and kept barking so I went to get her and saw a lot of large dead birds on the ground. Then a rabid black wolf comes out of the darkness so I climbed up the slide on an old swing set. The wolf circled around us before grabbing a bird and leaving. When I ran the wolf chased us to an old mans house. I went in and got his shotgun to kill the wolf but woke up as I opened the back door to go outside and kill it.

My house starts to catch fire because

My house starts to catch fire because of shotgun shells on fire. My dad helps the shells burst by lighting a match and throwing it on the crates. I yell at my dad to get my stuffed bear that was my grandpa’s to save and he tells me that it is too late, everything is already on fire. I yell at him wondering why he lit the match. I hide behind my brothers truck when the shells burst. Afterwords, I go into the house to see what all is damaged. In my room, my laptop, lamps, bed and pictures are all burnt. The only things left are stuffed animals including my grandpa’s stuffed bear. I am relieved but still sad that my clothes and other belongings are destroyed.

Other proposed measures in California would ban

Other proposed measures in California would ban so-called "bullet buttons" that can be used to quickly detach and reload magazines in semi-automatic rifles, and update the legal definition of shotguns to prohibit a new version that can rapidly fire shotgun shells and .45-caliber ammunition. vivienne westwood sale

Fireballs raining from the sky i am

Fireballs raining from the sky i am fleeing with my 2 girls in my suv trying to escape i run through a work cabinetry building running over hundreds of new kitchen cabinets i get back home and the fireballs stop briefly i am scrambleing to get food and fishing gear in the car before the fireballs come back and i discovered a hidden portal in my driveway my husband shows back up from his birthday dinner i was still mad at him for going without me i told him about the portal he is looking for it i find a stranger in my home when i returned telling him to get out i was calling thepolice and he goes into the front yard as me and the girls are getting in the car accuseing me of some kind of hidden plan or secret puts a shotgun to his mouth i yell i really am not keepin anything suddenly he is gone and the fireballs start again