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I gave a lot of poor people

I gave a lot of poor people pills that saved them from radiation sickness. They were already very sick. I gave same pills to a Turkish woman who was very angry at her husband. I saved two boys in a mall who had radiation sickness from a guard who was chasing them.

Dreamt where my evil uncle was having

Dreamt where my evil uncle was having a strange sickness and he was blessing me and appologising for what ever he did to me and my family

My dream was about some sort of

My dream was about some sort of plague or apocalpyse that had changed society as we know it. I can remember 4 parts of the dream 1. My group is staying in an abandoned house. I have a small backpack of stuff, and I'm packing it up while talking with other people in my group 2. My group is at a large cave. I see a little kid try to commit suicide by drinking detergent. This is the second time he's tried to do this. I stop him before he swallows more than a mouthful. I go out of the cave and see the group's doctor sitting at a white folding table. She is talking to a girl about how just because there's a lot of sickness doesn't mean she can give out free tissues. I ask the doctor whether I need to do anything else for the boy, and she says no. 3. I'm at a sandstone river gorge on the banks of a river that rushes over big rocks. I am talking with my little sister on the phone, and she says that her group cannot find much water and is rationing what they have and going thirsty. 4. I am in a car with my sister, who has joined my group. We are on a steep mountain road in the dark - maybe the Sawteeth at Yellowstone. A group of motor cycles pass by - only one motorcycle has working lights. I say that in the darkness, a motorcycle could be mistaken for a monster and shot.

I need help. For the past four

I need help. For the past four nights I have been dreaming about my ex. Mind you, I broke up with him and this was about a month ago. I'm not going to get into the reason why I broke up with him but I was sad of course but after three weeks I am not coming back to my normal self again. I still think about him, but not as much as I did. My dreams: I was at the mall and he was there..we just looked at each other and said nothing. Second, I was with a few new friends, he happened to be friends with them too and he was there, again we looked at each other and said nothing. Along with that dream, we were at a house (I'm assuming one of the friends, which by the way I had never seen before in real life, except one girl). He was sick (he has a sickness in real life too). The next night, this dream took place in the same house, I was looking for the girl that I said I knew in real life. (BTW I just know her..we don't hang out or anything. She's also several years younger than I). I opened the door and there was my ex and the girl doing sexual activities. He immediately sat up looking surprised and she looked embarrassed. I looked at him and just gave a small grin, closed the door and said nothing. The fourth and the last, I was napping, and I was beginning to wake up until I had a very short dream. Which included him sending me a text message that said "Babe, I". There were more words but I couldn't make them out. It was as thought it was another language. Thoughts? Interpretations?