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i dream of a friend who is

i dream of a friend who is incarserated , in witch i was contacted by her to help her with the tranfering of lmailing leters. my research on the boy frienve this dream interpitede id truly apppreaceate this thank you sincerely noel t. garzad of the love one incarserated has come to a dead end with no enough info. to share with her im sure she has been rather upset that i wasnt able to provide her with the curoperation that she had for sence or hoped id been able to provide. reasontly i dream of her in my dream there where no commonication although she seem to keep an eye on my threw out the drteam in witch she followed me threw outr it aswell to the very end or up intill the point that i woke up from this dream, if i could ha

Then I was in a hippie dippy

Then I was in a hippie dippy store in Wolseley. I came out of the store and thought, "I don't like flakes and fake healing/medicine." Then I was talking with a young dancer from Winnipeg who is a very serious dancer. She had followed me to China. She was saying to me "what am I supposed to do now that I have given up 2 years of being in Spain and Portugal to follow you to China?" I considered my answer very carefully and answered very sincerely and slowly. "I have done some reflexology and meridian work, mostly intuitively, but I find it very interesting and I would like to study it more deeply."