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I woke up in the midst of

I woke up in the midst of night and went to wash room and came back ...and started listening to a subliminal and sleep that's when I had a dream where my friends where teasing me a lot and it was quite not their usual personality around me and my fav people BTS where acting weird talking as if they are different from what I know how they are.... and later I had that part of dream where I was on bed with my grandma and mom and they were upset and scared of something that they were soo scared that I also was getting anxious and then I went out of room to get something and be back ....I was passing by the bathroom and suddenly a hand appears from the below the door and I was scared and I pulled it and tried showing it to my mom ...but I couldn't utter a single word in the dream and my mom gave me her expression that said she also was experiencing some problems and then we chanted hanuman dandakam and I woke up all tensed

I am single and yesterday night i

I am single and yesterday night i saw that I am at the stage giving birth to a child but labour pain is not occuring so a girl injected me for starting of pain what does it mean

In my dream I am Taylor Swift.

In my dream I am Taylor Swift. Who is supposed to go on a date with Joe Alwyn. But the setting is Delhi and she lives in a really rural busy area in a mob setting. She barely has a house but has a dad who's actually my dad and many siblings. She goes to get dressed and for some reason goes out of her house and cannot find her way back. The riot had started and between the ruins and the already dilipated situation of the location she cannot find it back. And she who is actually me keeps running in search of the house and everything is on fire. This is the second time I have seen this dream. During the first one the details were different but this time around its pretty much all to it. Every one is missing and its chaos and I am running for my life. This dream then changed to me as a police inspector who is running because there's a mob willing to kill them. She /I run and reach a hospital where the mob was killing the doctors. The murders were brutal. Single shot to the head with your brains coming out. By this point I usually have to convince myself that this is a dream and I wake up

So I had a weird dream about

So I had a weird dream about my boyfriend. There was a hallway that seemed like it went on forever and I felt this sense of urgency. I was running down the hall checking every single door. Panic was setting in. I went up to the next floor then the next one and again until I was on something like 37. I remember thinking "it's above me!" So for some odd reason, I went out the window standing on the edge. I even remember thinking "This is a very stupid idea. Also, how can I stop this from happening? Fuck it I'll wing it." Then in the window, I saw her. So what was she? Some kind of octopus girl who sucked the life out of guys. I remember replaying some information in my head about her as I worked on breaking into the plexiglass window. I was getting annoyed because I wasn't getting through the window fast enough. Right as I was getting pissed off, it finally gave in, and just in time. I rushed in between you and the girl and told her I couldn't allow her to do this. She asked if I would consider him a good person and I told her the best. She asked if she could pull my memories of him and I said yes. I also told her that she would have to kill me first and im not easy to kill. She asked why and I told her he was my everything. She looked at him and just disappeared. I woke up. What does it mean?

Dream of getting hunted done by all

Dream of getting hunted done by all the children in the town to hurt and kill myself, it was first started at school when some rich fat bitch caught me cutting myself he drove me crazy and he found out that my mum abused me, my dad was the only person I could trust but he touches me, it excalated so bad until every single kid was put to see me kill myself, I had a moment with a kid who understood how I felt but they jumped and killed themselves, no adult would listen to me

I'm Single woman I dream about myself

I'm Single woman I dream about myself getting married and I was happy a pastor was marrying us but I didn't see that person his face and I was wearing wedding dress, we didn't put rings on each other but we were happy and my mother in law and father in law were happy for us and everyone was enjoying themselves

I m a single lady. I dreamed

I m a single lady. I dreamed i have three girls and a boy. I was holding the youngest girls and wanted to buy them shoes.i also told the boy i will buy you clothes tomorrow. He politely asked if i can also buy him shoes. I said yes

I had a recurring dream for the

I had a recurring dream for the past few days. In there, my high school crush, who is kneeling with her hands on her laps and is shorter than me at 155 cm, and I, 166 cm tall, are sitting opposite each other on a bed, naked - we are 18 years old. She tells me that she is not afraid to have sex with me and asks me if I am afraid of fulfilling my first time. I used my fingers to stroke her breasts as I answered that I'm not afraid to do it. And then we kissed passionately after we confessed our love for each other. We took turns to have sex with each other and my dream ends when my crush is on top of me, panting. She is sweaty all over and persistently tries to thrust despite being weary. During this whole time, I was masturbating in reality. What do you think? Is it okay to have this dream? I am also single.

I give birth to twins. The doctors

I give birth to twins. The doctors send me home without the babies. Soon doctors bring one baby and leave. I cry a lot because I want my secound baby, too. My family denies that I had twins. The Doctor comes back and tells me, I only had one child and wants to leave. My secoune baby is in the car. I run after the car, holding my single twin and cry. My family tries to stop me. They say I am crazy for thinking I gave birth to twins and they will take my baby away. I call them traitors and tell them that I will never forgive them and that I hate them. I never let go of my one twin, while running to the hospital to get my other baby. I do everything for my twins to come back together. Befor I wake up, I see the hospital papers, where I find both names of my twins and then I hold them both in my arms.