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I am viola and i always dream

I am viola and i always dream about my elder sister taking outing, to meet men, taking alcohol and sometimes i see her in witchcraft.

I dreamed of Jeff the killer i

I dreamed of Jeff the killer i he was in my house and i quickly rushed to my parents room and i said grab your gun! i hid and my dad just went back to sleep but my two sisters celebrated saying they killed him but thats when i realized in the creepy pasta story... jeff cant die

I was having a sleepover with my

I was having a sleepover with my boyfriend, a girl I'm not very close with but me and her talk, and some other people. Me and my boyfriend got into a small fight because I pulled his hair and he says that he wants me to stop pulling his hair. I walk away, angry, and go up into my room and as I'm walking up the stairs I can see my boyfriend talking to one of his friends saying "I have to go get my girl." and he comes up the stairs, following me, and tries to give me a hug but I don't hug him back. Then the girl I'm not very close with comes and gets me and invites me to go downstairs with her so we can watch a movie and explains that she's already asked the grandma that was there, I had never see this women before in my life but we went downstairs and stayed down there for a little before everyone comes down with us. Someone suggests an activity and I say okay, but I'm going to change into my pajamas. I go upstairs, and see a fight in the living room between two girls I've never seen before, and I saw one of my old friends who I haven't spoken to in a long time, and I stood next to her and she gave me a smile and we started talking and they were really fighting, one of the girls were getting beat up really badly and she was crying begging the other to stop, while the other was attacking her. And the girl that was attacking her grabbed her butt in a very weird way. Then a girl in the wheelchair intervened and said stop, and then when I turned my head it wasn't my old friend anymore it was my sister and we were making jokes, then we all starting singing a part in a theme song of a kid's show and the girl in the wheelchair turned out to be a girl I know from cheerleading, and she was no longer crippled and instead walking and talking fine.

Having a nap, dogs woke me up,

Having a nap, dogs woke me up, need clothes (recurring theme) ask mom to watch dogs, offer to give little sister a ride to mall, pass Dad who said he couldn't walk when he woke from nap, tried to go down stairs but pieces missingwent out the back doo r instead of the gate

I was pregnant and I had a

I was pregnant and I had a dream that my boyfriend sister and one unknown person wanted to sacrifice my unborn fetus for rituals. They chased after him in the wood. Despite begging them to take me instead of my son they insisted of taking him. A day after that dream, I had a miscarriage it was a bit just as I dreamt of him in my dreams. A day after miscarriage, I had another dream in which my boyfriend’s sister and that man were telling me that they were done with their work. Sacrificing my son. Could you please interpret this dream for me?

I had a dream I was with

I had a dream I was with My sister we were riding a train and were having fun then the train went on a track over the cliff and the ride got bumpier and bumpier until we had come across a broken rail the train tried stopping and slid above other trains till it finally stopped although the caboose fell off the edge. then suddenly we were home and there were snakes everywhere and my arm was broken and when I turned around there was a black tongued rattlesnake in front of me. I panicked and tried to get away from it but it bit my index finger and slithered away afterwards I ran to the hall and ran into another black tongued rattlesnake, I then jumped over it and heard my sister scream, she ended up getting bit on the ankleas she followed me. We ended up cutting the heads of the snakes but they were still alive as it bit me again on the neck

I dreamt last night that I was

I dreamt last night that I was at the old house I lived at with my mother and sister but I was with my very close friend laying on the bed and we were eating something but I can't recall what it was,then the dreams skips to me and another close friend of mine fighting each other with knives but we didn't hurt each other with the knives,rather he managed to scratch me with his nails and I remember trying to sooth the scratches with a cloth.In he same dream I attended a weird gathering but in this gathering I was disguising myself because it was hosted by someone that did me wrong and I couldn't afford them seeing me there,I had a whole different name also but everyone else knew who I really was except the hostess,in the end the hostess finds out who Iam and I managed to excape the venue but ran like a monkey rather,with both my legs and hands,later me and the hostess had to sign an agreement,like a divorce,to stay out of each other's lives.I honestly don't know what this confusing dream means

I dreamt that my cousin Sister sat

I dreamt that my cousin Sister sat on my face while I was laying on the floor. She was partially naked with no panties on as she forced me to lick, eat and finger her vagina all while she was riding my face all while calling out my name and saying 'eat me!' Her vaginal fluid flowed endlessly. She enjoyed every second until she had an orgasm.