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I was calling out to my sister

I was calling out to my sister who was walking ahead with my dead mother she never stopped but kept walking ahead my mother stopped and turned around and smiled at me

I visited someone i know her dog

I visited someone i know her dog start to bark and tried to attack me and then hold the dog's mouth and i could see it was in pain, the lady started to quarrel with me she was not happy with me and I had to leave her home but i saw the dog again on my way out in the road with a puppy and ignored me thats when i then saw my cousin sister but when i woke up my pants and penis where wet

I dreamt of going to the toilet

I dreamt of going to the toilet of our house & met my mum, younger sister & my dad. Bothe my younger sister & dad had passed away. My mum told me they were going to stay for a night at Hilton Hotel. I asked them why a night & not two days. Then my younger sister who was holding some money gave me 50 dollars

The dreamer identified himself as a bisexual

The dreamer identified himself as a bisexual man of 23. In one common set of dreams, dreams he had several times, he was in a desert and next to a lake. Sometimes his wife was there with him, sometimes he was alone. Once he was there with his mother and his sister. In one dream the lake was surrounded by a wall. He never seemed to take any notice of the lake. It was there but he never drank from it or did anything with it . . . . The scene changed to his parents' apartment. He noticed a new carpet on the floor which he liked and just as he was beginning to enjoy looking at it hundreds of squirrels ran into the flat through the front door and there was a lot of confusion with all his family members running around. He left the house and was stumbling toward the intersection with cars coming from both directions. One car was followed by a large van that was towing a house. He picked up a piece of a broken object that he found on the street, ducked into a garden, and enclosed it in a cellophane bag and placed it gently in a pool of water.