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I was searching for a room to

I was searching for a room to sit down for a while. I entered two rooms. The first one was a room full of mirrors. In that room, the dream looked like real life only darker. I walked out. The second room I entered was cozy but it was not realitic, it looked like a children illustratiin or a elegant cartoon. There was an arm chair in front of a chimney with a beautiful fire. I walked toward the chair to sit there but a orange fox nicely dressed was sitting there. He had no eyes where the eyes should have been.I apologized and asked if I could sit in the room. He said, you can sit if you find a chair. I looked around and there was a chair toward a side wall. Then the fox said: but if you stay and look at the fire, you will loose your sight.

Sitting down on a bed or a

Sitting down on a bed or a couch and saw a black hooded faceless serial killer and I'm trying to fight back and kill him

Almost Lucid. In my house, I walk

Almost Lucid. In my house, I walk through an upstairs hallway. I look into one bedroom where I spend a short period looking at the objects that exist in it. A figure appears. Its cloaked, and points at me. It leads me to another room parallel. The door leads to an open ceiled room. It is rectangular, and on all sides architectural arcades span the walls. A long dining table sits at one side of the room. The cloaked figure points towards it. I see my family sitting in stokades and shackles, and finally they walk in chains.

In the dream i was married to

In the dream i was married to a guy and it was our first the being married and he wanted us to spend that first day at his family house. While at his family house i was washing few clothes together with a female (all blouses ) that we were going to give away to charity, later his mother came and starting being unkind to me. When the guy I’m married to came out of the house,the mother started complaining to him and he asked her what did you do and that I wouldn’t have reacted like that for nothing, because I told her off. After that he drove her home. I went out to get something, I entered a bus that had several floors from 1 to 56, and I was sitting on the 56th floor. I was gone for a while and when the asian guy returned from driving his mom, he got worried and sent few guys to come look for me and they found me in the bus and brought me home.