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I dreamt I took a pregnancy test

I dreamt I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.In the dream I looked very mature my face was glowing,like lighting up.I was sitting on my bed and when I saw those two lines I was shocked.After I woke up I felt very peaceful.

I dreamt I was in a house

I dreamt I was in a house with others. We entered it because I have to knock on something. Then, upstairs, I knocked on the ceiling like. Another knock on the hole where Sto Nino is standing. When I knocked, he looked at me at the. Suddenly fell. I put him back, but he was now sitting and had army of black ants on him. I barely see his face anymore. Then, I ran away going out the house. I was with a kid drifting on a flood. She said, "You didn't expect it to happen so soon but eventually you will do it too."

I was asleep and i was trying

I was asleep and i was trying to wake up each time i'd wake up i'd later realise that i am still asleep and that  this is just another dream i woke up again and there was 2 of me , i could see everything from a third perspective as if i am watching a movie the old me from the past was sitting in a chair infront of a risk with what seemed like a very modern computer , thr room was spacious and dimly lit and old me was trying to control me by using the computer telling me to wake up but old me couldnt get me to wake up so future me showed up and sat on the desk saying wake up wake up wake up and present me in thr dream could hear their voices in my head but i still didn't wake up, i couldnt i wanted to but i couldn't but i kept on trying till i actually woke up

I dreamt i saw my self in

I dreamt i saw my self in to show , and I was surprised people was watching me on tv , someone sitting close to me look at my face and was surprised to see I was the people her is watching on tv