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Moons in the sky at 4 am

Moons in the sky at 4 am and I was confused the sky was blue then all of a sudden a plane comes swirling near our tree and then crashes right by the roundabout Mom Aki we’re sleeping in room and victor my ex was too and I just took a whole bunch of pictures and videos and showed you all like crazy. And then I showed mom and she said “ whole lot of death is near” I ran over to the plane and asked mom if I should call 911 and she said no don’t

A gold, sparkling angel invited me to

A gold, sparkling angel invited me to shed my skin and we embraced in the sky. My skin became like sparkling gold when I shed my skin. There were wings and we were sparkling. The angel spoke another language which I understood to mean for the good of all and we both understood. My tears made me sparkle even more and the angel commented that every tear is noticed.