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Two gorgeous gigantic white lions asleep and

Two gorgeous gigantic white lions asleep and one awaked to my footsteps approaching and walked right up to me and my poodle but did not attack her or me. The lion was unchained

I was sleeping and in the middle

I was sleeping and in the middle of my sleep I was taken aback by a sound of a bullet and got up and opened the door to see nobody

I'm with my deceased friend blaise and

I'm with my deceased friend blaise and him mom. We live together in his old apartment. Me and him are cuddled up on the couch. he sleeping and me and his mom are talking and sharing stories. Next thing I know my mom is there pulling me away from him telling me I'm not allowed to see him anymore and I'm crying and trying to hold onto him as hard as I can and he's hugging me trying not to let me go. My mom finally pulls us apart and I wake up

I was a princess in a castle

I was a princess in a castle and I was sorta like sleeping beauty. There was a prophecy one of us would die, one of us was cursed with sleep and one of us was blessed with powers. I ran away because I had earlier been experiencing both powers and the curse. It didn’t make sense so I ran away to the south and almost got spotted so I ran away to the north. My friends there offered to help but in the place i was staying in i was kidnapped by a man who was handsome. He used a tranquilizer dart so I wouldn't run away and brought me to my kingdom where I fulfilled all of the prophecy. Instead of my sister dying it was my curse that died and I was blessed with powers to protect the kingdom I love.

I had a dream about beelzebub. I

I had a dream about beelzebub. I was in the same sleeping position under the blankets, and the demon was in the form of a huge fly. Although I didn't see it i could guess by the sound of it approaching me that it was even bigger than a basketball and although I have absolutely no idea of how the demon's appearance looks like, the moment it all started i was so sure that it was Beelzebub and nothing else.

Was sitting in the living room and

Was sitting in the living room and I noticed ed a big woman standing in my front door with a scarf on her head and she was smiling, I raised from the sofa and shut and locked the door My daughter spoke a name Carolyn I said you know her she said no. I noticed there were 2 ladies walking through my house from the kitchen I immediately stood again and rushed the strangers out and locked the door again now my daughter is sweeping up glass from the floor with a crimson colored broom and she said I broke your phone, I said that's a lot of glass, my granddaughter and I walked in the kitchen and there were 2 white doors and we locked both of them. I was distracted by noise coming g from a lap top I tried to shut it off and u couldn't. As I entered the living room again my my daughter was now sitting in rhe family room across from the living room she was sitting on rhe floor braiding her daughter hair. At that moment there was a young man walking through the house he had a sky blue hood on that covered his face he reached into his pocket and threw 4 small items behind my daughter the items floated to the floor as I counted 1 2 3 4, my daughter finally noticed es him at that moment we stopped talking and we could read each other thoughts, I watched him go into my living room and he disappeared, daughter told me with her mind I'm going to get my gun. My granddaughter and I tipped to the second floor. There were 4 white doors.i entered 1 and locked it. I was rumbling through my dresser to look for my gun. My eyes became heavy I turned ti the door and a tree rose from the floor like a stick tree it was filled with birds not chirping but fluttering like the knew me. I turned and another door appeared there were 2 fingers holding a small glass under the door the glass was beautifully engraved with solid gold it was mesmerizing. I started to look gor my phone to call my daughter to check on her because everything was silence an S I looked for my phone I noticed my granddaughter was siu d asleep that quick with her eyes wide open. I was so tired I could barely move the dream has now become magical with the beautiful black and grey birds with white stripes under their wings. My phone rang in real time and I woke up feeling mystical like people were using my house as a method of transporting.