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I dream that was going from garbage

I dream that was going from garbage can the garbage can in this giant mall parking lot and my grandfather was driving the car and I would get out runs through garbage can searching for tens grab what I could and put it in the backseat. I get to one garbage can that's like 20 feet away from another garbage can and while I'm searching I find a couple remote control items so I figured maybe I could get them to work so I go to show my grandfather and I see him staring ahead into a different larger almost dumpster like garbage can and there's a man taking his Christmas decorations and throwing them in there full sets of decorations including nativity sets and a giant Santa sleigh period I look at my grandfather and we both have a look on our face like jackpot and that's when I woke up completely drenched in sweat blankets soaked

Riding in car with my recently deceased

Riding in car with my recently deceased father. The car is driven by an elderly lady I do not know. We park the car down the block from the house I grew up in. As I walk toward the house to get the mail in the sky is a large white cloud with a huge sleigh (reminds me of Santa). instead of reindeer pulling it, it has rows of people, all dressed the same. I do not really see them to make who they are but I feel like they are relatives. I notice I am holding the mail as I watch the sleigh sway back and forth.