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Dreamed I was trying to get home

Dreamed I was trying to get home on a rusty old bike. I don't remember feeling uncertain, only that it was going to take me awhile. Suddenly I saw two dogs come towards me. They stopped and when they did I turned to see some giant animal with it's anus sticking out at me. I realized it was going to spray shit right on me. Taken aback I said, "really?". Like, this is absurd. That's when I saw that people were watching and getting enjoyment out of what was sure to be a very bad experience for me. Suddenly what I think is a giant snail appears, and I quickly climb underneath it just before the other animal releases itself. I don't remember anyt

I was walking alone outside, hearing my

I was walking alone outside, hearing my sister yell my name. I looked for her outside, but couldn't find her. When I went inside I saw a large snail

The dream was about my new friend

The dream was about my new friend Presley. We were in some sort of restaurant and they served us snails. He ate a small snail and I was given a really huge snail. I tried to eat it before I realized it was a snail and then I stopped because I was disgusted. After that we went outside and I was apparently about to go home to get ready for a trip and Presley had something come up right at that moment and had to leave right away. Then I was upset because I wanted to say goodbye to him properly and he saw me and told me don't worry this will make fall more in love with each other.