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I was in a fun house with

I was in a fun house with a famous clown who appeared on Britain's got talent. I was with my best friend and was messing around with the clown. He disappeared and so did my best friend. I climbed up some stairs and found two of my other friends on the roof with a massive inflatable slide leading of it to the ground (at least 300ft drop). I remembered doing this slide when younger loads of times but it seemed steeper now. One of my friends was terrified but my other was cool with it. I said I would go first to show that nothing was wrong. The first drop on the slide was really steep but I wanted to go fast so pushed of really hard. I went soaring though the sky and missed the slide and fell to the ground. I landed on the grass but survived.

My friend Haylie and I went to

My friend Haylie and I went to the lake to go boating and tubing for the day. So we loaded the boat with all the stuff we would need for the day like the tubes and wake boards and coolers that had soda and our lunch in them. When we left the boat dock we noticed that the water was lower than it had been the year before but we all just assumed it was due to the drought. We put the tube in the water, jumped onto it, got ourselves adjusted, and gave Ronald a thumbs up to signal we were ready. As we were tubing the water started to get lower and lower, to the point where the rocks at the bottom of the lake began to poke through the top of the water. When the tube hit a rock, the rock acted like a spring, catapulting us up into the air. At first Ronald didn%E2%80%99t notice, but once he did, whenever we were about to hit another rock he would speed up and we would go soaring. The dream ended with Haylie and I hitting another rock, Ronald speeding up, and us going so high that the rope arched over the boat and we flipped and landed in the front of the boat.

I dreamt I was a beluga whale

I dreamt I was a beluga whale swimming in Crystal clear water with a rock bottom. I had a slight anxiety about keeping up. I then dropped my cell phone and it sank to the rocky bottom. I hesitated to retrieve it knowing I could be left behind forever if I stopped. I decided to get it anyway. Then a pair of similar whales soared out of the water together then fell back into the water together. They Swam to me and lifted me up. We were then a trio. I had a sense of overwhelming relief and happiness that we were all together.

I was in the country with my

I was in the country with my friends and mother. I decided that I wanted to be free and explore the beautiful water. I walked to a pear that stretched for miles. There was an elevator that took me around the entire countryside. My mother wanted to go with me and I agreed but the need to explore was great. I got on the elevator and was soaring above the pear and water . I was swinging almost. I saw a guy in the water and decided to let go and to land on the peer. I was afraid of getting into the water and landed on the grass. My mother was upset that I left her.


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