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I was about to wake up a

I was about to wake up a week ago and saw my son (33yrs) who passed on mysteriously a year ago ask me not to wake up as he wanted to five me a message. I was between . and waking because I could hear people in the house talking while..I was dreaming. I saw unknown hands paging through a magazine. On the page was my son and he said Mommy, I am ready to speak so I asked what he was talking about and he said I would get a copy of Tha magazine and should not worry. While I was puzzled..he appeared on a TV screen holding a bottle of Cider and took a sip of it and raised it as if to toast and said to me..I will also appear here. I am ready to speak. He disappeared. He was a light skinned and was so when I last saw him at the mortuary but a week later when we laid him to rest he looked like soot and his lips were a raw pink and peeling

In the midst of my sleep did

In the midst of my sleep did I dream in my dream when my spiritual father (Overall Pastor) had woken up at sunrise to make some juice drink for his child from outside the main house. In the process of this careful preparation, the juice concentrate spilt off to the ground in the presence of this watchful toddler. The child responded with loud cries and in his response to sooth these tears stood firm and made biblical utterances with a sorrowful, humble and broken heart unto what had transpired with a melody of closely knit Psalms out of his mouth which were not only sweet to wipe clean the tears of the toddle but were also enlightening to filling up with smiles the old lady that was sitting afar off watching steadily. When the pastor did realize such great silence, he all of a sudden stopped speaking and no sooner had he stopped than loud cries from another child were heard, sobbing too loud to reach the attention of his own father. Since the father (Pastor) was overseeing this other toddler, he sent me to find out and see what was the other son was crying for. When the child saw me coming, the loud cries subsided and got hold of my hand to lead me to the place that had caused him great trouble. He intimated unto me that the builders were resisting him to make his contribution to the work of his father yet he had provided materials (there was a particular extension that was being made to a particular building which was at most like a church building). When I did come closer to see what work he had done, he had orderly placed sticks/wood horizontally in the excavated foundation to act as iron bars and this is when I woke up from my sleep.

I drempt of a tree spirit like

I drempt of a tree spirit like an ent, torture me till I cried then ate me to sooth my wounds. While it was putting me into his mouth I was no longer the one being tortured but the one asking him why to let her go. And the spirit replied what I didn't do anything. I could tell the tree was enjoying the torture and was going to continue with or with out me. Then I woke up. I can still clearly see my dream. Also to note that when I was the one being tortured the tree enjoyed it and wouldn't stop until I cried. The tree used electricity and a burning device. The electric to my back to make my knee hurt and burned me in the groin area to the left just below my stomach. Help me. I have looked up many terms but nothing to help me determined what I drempt. I have had epic dreams before but was able to understand but not this one. Thank you.

I was hanging out with my friend

I was hanging out with my friend who was married. And I ended up in a room with one of his twin sons who was crying, assisting to help soothe the baby. While I was rocking the baby in my arms his wife came into the room while rocking the other twin baby in her arm began to yell at me to leave. She went out yelling bout how I know what I did and I should go. He stood there quietly for a minute before he told me we should go for a walk. She then followed us out screaming and yelling at the top of her voice.

I was kiddnapped into a room with

I was kiddnapped into a room with a lady and some other people, I rested with an artifact with antlers and a lady face from some goddess of empathy, it soothed my worries. It then came to life and told me to make decisions for my self instead of complying to another's comands, after her advice, she rose a tomb-like sand pit from the ground that golden scarab-beetle things crawling around it and said she must now "put me at rest", I thought this was the price for using the artifact so I ran. oh and the name of the goddess-like figure was Nequita.