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My girlfriend hears a noise in the

My girlfriend hears a noise in the closet in the spare bedroom. I go to investigate. Before i open the door i hear a loud noise of multiple items falling to the ground. I then decide to bang on the door to the bedroom loudly with my hand. The door smashes and splinters away with tremendous force from the force on the other side of the door. I run for my life before i can see what it is into the other room. I see that the window is smashed out in this room. I then panic and jump out the window. At this point i wake up from the dream and i'm in my bed and i can see Morgan next to me out of the corner of my eye on Skype. I try to talk to her and move my head and i can't. I start yelling i can't move over and over and over. Finally i'm able to get up but Morgan said she had no recollection of me yelling I cant move.

There was a Christmas party and someone

There was a Christmas party and someone knocked on the door. It was really sketchy so no one let him in. He tried two more times and then tired to break down the door. Everyone tried to hold it, but he started splintering the wood so we all scattered. I remember seeing him catch someone and beat them. He seemed to enjoy himself. I Was running all over the place and it turned into a game of hide and seek. I finally got to the attic and was hiding in a corner when I saw someone ascending the stairs. I knew it was the man who broke in and I tried to make myself smaller. It was no use he spotted me an sauntered over. He was tall with chin length blond hair, strait nose, light greyish blue eyes and flat/highish cheekbones. He was really polite and somewhere when he was introducing himself I stopped quaking and started becoming mad and uncharacteristically brave, so I made to get up and he pulled a gun and said "I'd rather you didn't" I remained kneeling and looked up definitely and said "do it." He pulled the trigger and nothing happened it clicked, I barely flinched, he laughed. Outside someone screamed and I heard sirens. The man looked worried for a second and then lunged at me. He sat me down on the floor next to him and held a knife to my back as my would be rescuers came up the stairs. They asked if we were okay and the man said, sounding scared and out of breath, "yes! We're fine." He dug the knife into my back and I agreed that we were fine. He pretended to be a victim and I was his cover story. The last thing I remember was a threat and him saying "Every Clyde needs a Bonnie"

Ill be dreaming of doing something then

Ill be dreaming of doing something then all of a sudden my teeth clench so tight they get to the point of breaking and splintering into my gums and i feel all the pain

Nose falling off. My left side of

Nose falling off. My left side of my nose splintered off. It turned dark blue in a matter of minutes. I didn't try to put it back on. Instead I walked to a mirror to look at my reflection. I found a small mirror then a larger mirror. I saw my nose, my left nose wing was smaller because that's the side the splintered off. In my hand I was holding my entire nose. I debated on putting it back on. I looked in the mirror again and I was fine with my new nose. So I split my splinter nose and found veins like that of tree leaf. It had patterns like the back of leaf. The were orange against the dark blue background. Then I laid down my nose and let it go, let melt into something. Then it was gone, but I was happy with my new nose.