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Driving an all terrain vehicle with my

Driving an all terrain vehicle with my two dogs. There had been a recent heavy rain and trees were down, there were mudslides and rock slides. It was in spring, and the trees had new leaves. Water was dripping everywhere. I stopped at a crossroads, near a tiny store. My dogs jumped out with me and began to wander around. A truck stopped, and two redneck men got out. One man took a shovel and violently beat my gentle little dog to death. I ran to my dog but I knew I was too late.

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I'm trying to walk a hallway but

I'm trying to walk a hallway but everything's so blurry and unfocused. the dream keeps tilting at angles and all i can really here is my own heavy breathing. suddenly, the hallway's floors become water that i am somehow standing on. my breathing is now so loud and heavier. silver chains spring out of the water and wrap around my wrists and chest, and pulls me underneath. the water is nearly black, i couldn't see a thing. i kept screaming and screaming but there was no sounds or air bubbles coming out of my mouth. i am afraid of deep waters so when i look around i realize that a big shadowy figure was coming towards me really fast. but then i wake up

My friend Haylie and I went to

My friend Haylie and I went to the lake to go boating and tubing for the day. So we loaded the boat with all the stuff we would need for the day like the tubes and wake boards and coolers that had soda and our lunch in them. When we left the boat dock we noticed that the water was lower than it had been the year before but we all just assumed it was due to the drought. We put the tube in the water, jumped onto it, got ourselves adjusted, and gave Ronald a thumbs up to signal we were ready. As we were tubing the water started to get lower and lower, to the point where the rocks at the bottom of the lake began to poke through the top of the water. When the tube hit a rock, the rock acted like a spring, catapulting us up into the air. At first Ronald didn%E2%80%99t notice, but once he did, whenever we were about to hit another rock he would speed up and we would go soaring. The dream ended with Haylie and I hitting another rock, Ronald speeding up, and us going so high that the rope arched over the boat and we flipped and landed in the front of the boat.

There is a figure of Christ in

There is a figure of Christ in front of me and He is looking at me thru His right eye while suspended on the Cross but the Tree of Life is growing fro His right side and lying upon His lower right ribs is a golden fruit as flowers and vines and fruit and grapes hang from the branches. The mountains are behind His head as the rays of what appears to be the sun behind the mountains rises and the Springs of Hebron were flowing down toward His left hand side which is far more in shadow and appears to be in shadow or turned in a way that keeps me from seeing the details of that side..