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I was on something like a dock.

I was on something like a dock. A large squid was laying there and I knew that was the true form of the man that I loved. He was normally human but changed when he touched the water. He kissed me in his squid for somehow and rubbed his 'nose' somehow with mine. That was when we said we loved each other.I could hear the people banging on the other side of the door but that didn't matter. The scene changed and he was in danger because he had to go home. He could only accomplish that through the water. So I tried to jump from the bridge along with some other man to break the glass that was placed on top of it. Only it wasn't glass but a fence. We tried braking it but nothing happened it only bent. So we tried from another angle. We finally found a way to get into the water. My beloved jumped but the water somehow vanished when he touched it. I don't know where he went. The scene changed again but I think this time I traveled back in time to see how my beloved had me his first love. I think it was me but I could be wrong. Then I woke up.

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My dream started out with Mr.Krabs (from

My dream started out with Mr.Krabs (from Spongebob) forcing spongebob and squidward to fish , through a gigantic whole that connected to the pacific ocean, to fish for his dollar, all of a sudden I was , what sort of felt like forcefully plunge into the water, there I was instantly swallowed by a large fish, I was then back in the water this time only to be greeted by a shark that was trying to attack me, while I was staring and trying to swim away from the shark , a spider continued to flash into my mind, I felt like that I had turned into the spider, It was a long black window and it was hanging from a web moving oddly, then all of a sudden, I was dropped into water, when I looked up I saw a dragon, I tried to swim down deeper but couldn't and was forced back up , where I was in shallow water, like a pool, but the dragon was still there and it was trying to attack me, I was then brought back into the ocean, somehow, and the shark , spider, dragon, and a fourth animal I am unable to remember came charging at me, I then "woke" up in my dream and I saw myself laying in bed kicking my feet as if trying to run , then I reached for a knife and with my eyes still closed I swung it around, still in my dream I watched myself wake up screaming my dogs name, and then I woke up in real life.